I'm trying to identify a Fading Suns sourcebook I remember. One of the two species it described is insectoid and the other is reptilian. Above the back cover blurb in large print is a quote of someone warning, "Stay away from the bugs and the lizards, they're hiding something!"


It's Orphaned Races: Ascorbites & Hironem, published in 2003. The back cover ad copy starts with:

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years as a merc, it’s stay away from the Bugs and Lizards. They’re both hidin’ somethin’!”

Orphaned Races examines two of the sentient races of the Fading Suns™ universe: The insectoid Ascorbites and the reptilian Hironem. […]

Front cover of Orphaned Races: Ascorbites & Hironem, showing a bipedal insect person in profile wielding a glaive-like weapon, and a bipedal lizard facing the reader holding a curved sword at attention. The background is an orange-hued suggestion of vines, leaves, perhaps desert, and a low sun over alien buildings Back cover of Orphaned Races: Ascorbites & Hironem, showing the referenced in-universe quotation


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