If a PC wearing a possum pouch (Complete Adventurer 134-5) (1,800 gp; 1 lb.) enters an antimagic field, is the possum pouch affected? Does the pouch detach?

I'm not sure if the possum pouch should work identically to a dimensional pocket (Dragon #313 56) (9,000 gp; 0 lbs.) that says that the pocket "cannot be removed unless the command word is spoken or the wearer dies, but contact with the extradimensional space to which the pocket is connected can be suppressed with a targeted dispel magic or antimagic effect."


The magic of the possum pouch is the bit about adhering it to the body and hiding it. In an antimagic field, it would be visible and may fall off (depending on how the wearer is dressed).

This would also happen to dimensional pockets except that dimensional pockets apparently have some extra protection against suppressing that function that is fairly unique to those items. That is, the only reason that this doesn’t happen to dimensional pockets is because their description explicitly gives them a special exception to the usual suppression rules, which would include those properties.

On the other hand, access to a possum pouch’s contents would not be impeded by suppression. Unlike a dimensional pocket, which is less of a “pocket” and more of a magic entry-point to an extradimensional space, the possum pouch has no magical storage capabilities—its storage is wholly mundane and unaffected by suppressing magic.

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