I am playing a Goliath Barbarian and recently have contracted Lycanthropy of the Werebear variety.

According to the MM on page 207 it states that a character who becomes a lycanthrope retains their class statistics but I don't specifically see if it states that I can use my abilities while transformed. Maybe I've overlooked something.

My question is:

While shapechanged in Bear and Hybrid forms, does my Goliath ability Powerful Build still apply (also all other race/class abilities, i.e. Rage)? When transformed my size becomes Large; would I then count as Huge for all weight related rules, i.e. Carrying Capacity, Push, Lift, Drag?


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Ask your DM

Looking through the MM, PHB, DMG, errata, and twitter Q&A, I didn't really find any specific blurbs about this interaction except for the bit in the MM about "Nonhuman Lycanthropes" (p. 206):

The statistics presented in this section assume a base creature of human. However, you can also use the statistics to represent nonhuman lycanthropes, adding verisimilitude by allowing a nonhuman lycanthrope to retain one or more of its humanoid racial traits. For example, an elf werewolf might have the Fey Ancestry trait.

There is precedent for retaining "features granted by your race, class, or other sources" in the Druid's Wild Shape, but even then, it is limited to what the beast form is "physically capable" of doing.

If your DM allows you to retain your Powerful Build in Hybrid and Beast form, you would count as huge for carry capacity and push/lift/drag calculations.

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