Two psions—a kineticist and an egoist—are trapped in the rubble of a collapsed building. They're allies sharing the same air pocket. The kineticist doesn't have any powers that allow him to escape, but the egoist has the power ectoplasmic form, which is Range: Personal and Target: You.

The egoist wants to help his buddy, so the egoist suggests that the kineticist try to manifest ectoplasmic form using the specific rules for doing so.

Except it seems like the egoist will have to think of another way to help his friend as the kineticist will fail because the power ectoplasmic form must be on the potential manifester's power list.

Is that correct? Or can the kineticist go ahead and borrow that power?


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He can't use the power.

The important line is:

Next, the psionic character must choose one of the powers and make a second Psicraft check (DC 15 + the power’s level) to see if he understands it. If the power is not on his class list, he automatically fails this check.

The 'Manifesting an Unknown Power' ability is purely for making use of a Psionic Power that is on your class list but that your character hasn't actually learnt.


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