I have a character with the Mending cantrip, and a firearm.

On the Firearms page, I read that "When a firearm misfires, it gains the broken condition."

However, Mending reads: "If the object has the broken condition, this condition is removed if the object is restored to at least half its original hit points."

RAW, I take it that Mending cannot remove the Broken condition from a firearm, because I am not restoring it to half it's original hit points, because misfires do not cause damage to weapon. If my weapon did misfire, I would... have to damage it to cast Mending to restore it. This seems silly.

Make Whole "functions as mending, except that it repairs 1d6 points of damage per level", so has the same limitations.

The Gunslinger's Quick Clear deed specifically doesn't restore HP but removes Broken anyway.

Am I missing something, here? To use Mending to fix a gun, do I have to damage the gun first, RAW?


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I understand the broken condition removal of Mending as

If the target has at least half of its original HP at the end of Mending, then Broken is removed.

If you use Mending or Make Whole on a full HP firearm, it will have been restored to "at least half its original hit points" (from full HP to full HP) and will be unbroken.


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