I'm with a very new group to D&D and we have the Starter Set for 5th edition and we don't really know how to set the character's health up. Where do I find the numbers/the procedure?

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Give them the max HP roll for level 1 based on their hit dice, and add their Constitution Modifier.

This is 6 on a d6 for example, or 8 on a d8. If their Constitution Modifier is positive, add this to the Hit Dice number. If it is negative, subtract this from the Hit Dice number. This is their 1st level HP.

For subsequent levels, either roll their hit dice, or take the average, then add their Constitution Modifier again.

The average is half the hit dice's maximum plus one. For example, a d8's average is 5. Add the Constitution Modifier as described above. If instead we rolled, we would roll a d8, add the result then add the Constitution Modifier.

Note: In general all characters should use the same scheme of taking the Average, or Rolling, however this is not required, either by the rules, or for general effectiveness. Making sure everyone has the same system only prevents the case of "Rolling Resentment" when someone rolls a 1 on HP, while the person who took the average is sitting comfortably on more HP.

As a final note, as mentioned in a comment by nitsua60 on a different answer, the Starter Set should come with 5 character sheets already ready to go, fully built, with HP, Spells, abilities, skills, etc, all selected and ready to go, along with a guide on the back of said sheets on how to level them from 1-4. If you're worried about marking the sheets, you can just make a photocopy, (That's what I did) or download them from here. (Thanks again to nitsua60)


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