I'm reading through the rules for status, Favors, and Scandals in Savage World — Rippers Resurrected. The monthly salary, Favor cost table, and gaining favors all makes sense, but I don't see any mention of how a player can change change their Status other than taking Rich Edge, Filthy Rich Edge, or Poverty Hindrance. Are these the only ways or am i simply missing something here?

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Not sure what the Resurrected edition changes - so sorry if this answer is useless - but in the old one (2005), you can influence the status with:

  • Edges & Hindrances - the ones you mention, plus Noble(+5) and Disowned (-3)
  • Behaviour & Actions - buying cheap things when having status over 10 (-1); being seen travelling in undignified conditions (-1); lodging in a Lodge with a Resource level below their status (-1);
    On a monthly basis you can also +/- your status:

    • behaviour unfitting of your status (borrowing money, scandal, shabby appearance, gracelessness, travelling armed, divorce false accusations, arrest) gives a -1
    • buying property in excess of 500£, marrying up or consistent polite behaviour (to those who count) gives you a +1
  • Risking status to try and influence others with Intimidation, Persuasion, Streetwise or Taunt rolls (or opposing them) - you can risk up to half your status, getting a +1 for every point you risk. If you fail you loose the status (loose double on a critical fail)
  • giving up status for monetary gain - selling your valuables (1S for 10£; 2S for 100£ - family heirloom or such; 4S for 1000£ - land, property)
  • socializing events (+ or -, depending on actions)

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