Mythic Contingency's duration is 1day/level and (not using the Augmented Version) I cast 1+half your tier's companion spells on it.

With Mythic Wish I can duplicate a mythic spell I know.

The description of Contingency says:

You can use only one contingency spell at a time; if a second is cast, the first one (if still active) is dispelled.

But I do not cast another contingency spell, I cast a Limited Wish.


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When casting on yourself, that condition is completely removed on the Mythic version of the spell.

The target can have only one contingency spell upon it at a time unless it also knows mythic contingency.

Meaning that you can cast as many Mythic Contingencies on yourself as you wish, limited only by your Mythic Tier.

The number of companion spells you can have on yourself is equal to 1 + half your tier.


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