Medusa's Wrath:

Whenever you use the full-attack action and make at least one unarmed strike, you can make two additional unarmed strikes at your highest base attack bonus. These bonus attacks must be made against a dazed, flat-footed, paralyzed, staggered, stunned, or unconscious foe.

If I cause at least one of the listed conditions (via Stunning Fist, possibly disarming an opponent while using a one-handed improvised weapon with the Catch Off Guard feat, etc) during a full attack action, can I use the 2 extra strikes from the Medusa's Wrath feat?


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Yes, you can use the attacks because the ability does not specify that you must initiate your attack on such a target.

The Feat requires:

  • You make at least one Unarmed Strike during your Full Attack
  • The enemy(ies) you target with the feat are under one of the conditional requirements requirements

The Unarmed Strike is the trigger for the feat, the conditions are a restriction about who you can target with the additional strikes.


Catch Off Guard does not qualify as Medusa's Wrath qualifying condition since it applies a flat-footed condition only against any attacks you make with an improvised melee weapon, not every attack.

In short, you are not flat-footed for the whole round and succeeding attacks, only for that single improvised melee weapon attack.

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