I was trying to think of really fun, evil things to do with a warlock. I was curious if this works:

  1. Use Crawling Eye
  2. Use Impenetrable Barrier between you and the eye
  3. Do horrible things to opponents such as: Word of Changing, Wall of Perilous Flame, Painful Slumber of Ages, Tenacious Plague, Chilling Tentacles, etc. Basically anything that doesn't require a ray from your hands.

Would that work, or is line-of-effect still broken by the wall?


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The lesser invocation crawling eye says, "You can't cast most invocations or spells through the eye" (Complete Mage 123). The dark invocation impenetrable barrier allows the warlock to "conjure a wall of force as the spell" (Dragon Magic 82).

A wall of force blocks line of effect despite it not blocking line of sight. Further, since effects can't start from the crawling eye, the warlock himself typically must still have line of sight to his foe to employ many effects against that foe.


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