Game situation:

Warblade with active stance: Pearl of Black Doubt. Warblade jumps in the lake, and is attacked by demon-humans with unarmed strike and spitting acid.

Can I apply the dodge benefits of the Stance and any possible counter maneuvers while swimming?

Character isn't actually 'standing' on anything.


Stone Dragon specifies that its maneuvers (stances included) require one to be standing on solid ground. If you were at the bottom of the lake, fine, but swimming, they’re a no-go.

But all the other disciplines, such as the Diamond Mind discipline that offers pearl of black doubt, lack that restriction, and can be used just fine while swimming. And the limitation on Stone Dragon is rather unpopular from what I have seen, an unnecessary restriction that automatically drops the otherwise-decent Stone Dragon discipline to the bottom of the barrel as the worst discipline in the book.


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