Let's say a sorcerer casts arcane sight on herself. Would another caster be allowed to cast permanency on the arcane sight buff? At first I thought it was a no-brainer, but the charts in the PHB make it sound like cooperative use of permanency is not allowed, and that the caster of permanency must also be the caster of the other spells.


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Not for the 'Self Only' spells

You cast permanency

The part prior to the first table says

You can make the following spells permanent in regard to yourself. [Emphasis mine]

Plus, following the table, the text reiterates

You cast the desired spell and then follow it with the permanency spell. You cannot cast these spells on other creatures.

This is rules text, not a table; the table follows.

Plus, if it were a table only, the rules text would only supersede it if there were a conflict (there's not).

But for the rest...

For the other spells on the list, the source of the original spell is immaterial, it appears that the spell must merely be in effect on the target

In addition to personal use, permanency can be used to make the following spells permanent on yourself, another creature, or an object (as appropriate)...


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