I'm creating a bad guy who is half-fiend, which gives him DR 5/magic.

He's going to cast righteous might which then gives him DR 5/good.

What is the resulting stat block? Do they need both magic and good to bypass the DR? Either magic or good?


Very strictly speaking, the creature has the better at any given instant of DR 5/magic and DR 5/good. Multiple sources of Damage Reduction don't stack with each other (with a handful of very specific exceptions, which call themselves out); rather, the creature is considered to have whichever source's DR is best for that particular situation (on a per-attack or per-effect basis).

In practice, this particular combination is equivalent to having DR 5/magic and good, but that's technically a quirk of how they interact.

If the creature is attacked with a magic weapon, the DR 5/good would be more advantageous, so that's what is in effect for that attack. Similarly, if they were attacked with a good-aligned weapon that wasn't magic somehow (probably the natural or non-magical weapons of a good creature), the DR 5/magic would be better, and thus would be in effect. Of course, a +1 Holy weapon would ignore both of the DR sources.

Thus, while the creature technically has DR 5/magic and DR 5/good, it effectively has DR 5/magic and good.

Where this hair-splitting becomes more important is if they have, say, DR 5/good from one source and DR 10/magic from another source.


According to the damage reduction rules:

If a creature has damage reduction from more than one source, the two forms of damage reduction do not stack. Instead, the creature gets the benefit of the best damage reduction in a given situation.

Meaning that if you have damage reduction against magic and good, the attack must be of both types to ignore your damage reduction completely, which reads as DR 5/magic and good.


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