I have a whole continent made up in the 1e (AD&D) system, as well as the 1e books and other 1e monster sources. A lot of those monsters are not published in 5e, and may never be. Is there a good set of guidelines for easily converting old monsters from 1e to fit in a shiny new 5e world?


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Wizards of the Coast Released a PDF on this topic

In the October 2015 Rules reference, WoTC released a PDF that was designed to help the conversion of older editions to 5e; both monster statistics and adventures/treasure.

The PDF can be found here

The document includes the following quick conversion rules about monster statistics from first and second edition adventures:

For first and second edition, you can use the shorthand monster statistics in the adventure. In these adventures, monsters are often more numerous, but they typically deal lower damage and have fewer hit points than their fifth edition counterparts. Make the following changes to those first- and second-edition monsters:

  • Armor Class equals 19 minus the creature’s AC, up to AC 22.
  • Attack roll modifiers are HD/2 + 2, up to +12.
  • Saving throw DCs are 8 + HD/2, up to 20.
  • If a creature has to make a check or saving throw, and should be good at the roll, use the creature’s HD/2 + 2 as a bonus on the roll. Otherwise, use no modifier, or use a penalty to reflect something the creature should be bad at.

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