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NPC casting Suggestion on PC: who decides it's reasonable?

A simple scenario: The DM wishes to break a cleric's concentration on their bless spell, and a foe uses suggestion to tell the cleric to cast silence on an enemy spellcaster. The rationale is that ...
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Can you make armor with multiple elemental resistances using only wool and copper? And how much time and money would it cost?

For context One of my players is playing for the first time and has some problems with magic and how versatile it is, therefore he is attempting to make an armor to resist fire, lightning, acid and ...
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Can I have an interplanar portal return someone to the wrong time or place?

I'd like to create a scenario where the PCs enter some sort of portal for interplanar travel but when they return, they aren't in the same time period OR they aren't in the same location. And they ...
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Guide for using all the tools and kits

I can't seem to find this information in the three main rule books, but outside of some general information about lock picking, is there a definitive guide for how to use the various tools and kits ...
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Are there rules for "doubletalk" (i.e. a character conveying a message to allies while hiding that message from enemies)?

Do the rules specify how an action like doubletalk (or something like it) works? By "doubletalk", I am referring to a character conveying a message to allies while hiding that message from ...
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Can you move through an object's space according to RAW?

This looks like a trivial question, but I didn't find a sound answer in the rules. The rules explicitly allows you to move through a nonhostile creature's space: You can move through a nonhostile ...
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Is this home-rule for adjusting the DC of being tracked balanced?

I have been looking into setting up an adventure in the wilderness for our table, where there is an element of being chased and the party is purposely trying to outrun and outsmart their chasers. ...
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What happens if a vial of acid falls from the sky?

There are various methods that a vial of acid could fall from the sky. Perhaps a familiar is carrying it. Perhaps it is carried by Mage Hand. Perhaps an animal has been trained to pick things up. Then,...
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If an ability says characters can tell that something is not real with a successful ability check, do characters automatically attempt the check?

If an ability says a character (or creature) can tell that something is real with a successful ability check, does the character automatically attempt the check? Or does it require an active choice on ...
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Can I send my Owl familiar on guard duty?

I have the spell Find Familiar which partially reads: You gain the service of a familiar, a spirit that takes an animal form you choose. Your familiar acts independently of you, but it always ...
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What happens if you Shapechange whilst swallowed?

I'm running a tier 4 game and ran into an interesting situation. 1 of my players had been swallowed by a gargantuan sized homebrew creature. On his turn he used the Shapechange spell to become a ...
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Can you use a large creature's dead body as a means to walk over a grease spell so that you are unaffected by that spell?

In 5e, if a Grease spell is cast and a large (eg. 10'sq facing) creature is killed on it, covering the same area as the spell, could other players/NPCs/monsters walk over that creature as if the ...
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