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In 5e, are DMs not supposed to hide their rolls? [duplicate]

I'm focusing on clarifying this question for the 5th edition. Due to wordings like the Bardic Inspiration, it seemed clear to me that rolls should be out in the open, they should not be hidden. ...
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Do characters know they did a poor job if the result of a dice roll isn't automatically obvious?

During a discussion I had with @jgn based on the question discussing rolling twice on an investigation check, I realized we were operating with entirely different ideas of how dice rolls actually ...
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Does the DM need to declare a Natural 20?

I see a lot of D&D content out there and when combat starts eventually someone gets a roll of 20, a so-called Natural 20, shouts out "Nat 20" and everyone cheers. The DM then does some ...
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How can Investigation be used passively? (as with the Observant feat)

I understand how Insight and Perception can be used passively: for the DM to determine if an enemy Deception or Stealth attempt is successful without alerting the players that someone is deceiving or ...
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Does a player know if their Intimidation attempt worked?

I am going to be a first-time DM for my group. While I was planning the first session, I just thought about my players interrogating (torturing) a creature. If a character tries an Intimidation (or ...
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A Rogue dilemma: to roll for Stealth, or not to roll?

I need some guidance about how to best use Stealth checks for a campaign. When it comes to Stealth, say of a Rogue*, would it be better to allow players to roll for their own Stealth skill check, or,...
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How much does a bard know when they decide to use Cutting Words?

The College of Lore bard has the Cutting Words feature (PHB, p. 54-55): Also at 3rd level, you learn how to use your wit to distract, confuse, and otherwise sap the confidence and competence of ...
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Can your character tell exactly how much damage they have dealt?

Say you make a melee attack, would your character reasonably be able to tell what a good hit is versus a mediocre one? One that hits for maximum damage, or even a critical hit, versus a minimum value ...
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Do players/characters know when a monster uses its Legendary Resistance?

Assuming that players are causing a monster with the Legendary Resistance ability to make enough saving throws that it will use them all up, should the players be aware when that point has come? (As a ...
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Do you know the value of an attack or damage roll on you before the hit is resolved?

In D+D 5e, there are many effects that enable AC, attack rolls, or damage rolls to be modified after being rolled but before the hit is resolves. Examples are the Shield spell and the "Parry" Battle ...
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Do players know if a hit from a monster is a critical hit?

There are a few different abilities that PCs can get where once they are hit with an attack they can decide to use to potentially turn the hit into a miss. Examples include the spell Shield or a ...
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Does the Valor bard's Combat Inspiration feature require the GM to announce attack roll totals?

I'm currently playing a 5E bard for the first time, and have chosen the College of Valor. The description of the Combat Inspiration feature reads (PHB, p. 55): When an attack roll is made against the ...
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Does the Lucky feat allow the character to see the enemy's die roll?

If an enemy B attack a character A, where A has the Lucky feat, and A wants to spend a Luck point, in which moment can character A can spend that Luck point? Can Character A see/know the natural ...
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Cutting Words timing when playing online

Lore Bard's Cutting Words feature states the following: Also at 3rd level, you learn how to use your wit to distract, confuse, and otherwise sap the confidence and competence of others. When a ...
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