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How can I handle a player who pre-plans arguments about my rulings on RAW?

When playing D&D, I have always taken the following approach: I will do my best to adhere to Rules As Written (RAW) If I don't know a rule off the top of my head I will look it up If something I ...
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Why do Crawford's tweets seem to be treated on par with the actual rules?

I keep running into quoted tweets from this 'Jeremy Crawford' guy in 5e answers. My understanding is he's sort of in charge of the edition, like James Jacobs with Pathfinder. It makes sense that his ...
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What happens if a creature is killed between its attack and damage rolls

Came across a scenario that’s a little odd: A creature hits a character with an attack. The character has an ability that deals damage when he is hit. Based on other rulings the damage from the ...
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Is a Dragonwrought Kobold a True Dragon?

The Monster Manual refers to some creatures with the Dragon type as “True Dragons,” and some later books refer to True Dragon status as a prerequisite for various options. Races of the ...
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What does the abbreviation “RAW” mean?

I have seen the abbreviation RAW several times now, what does it stand for?
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Expected damage of a moonblade with 𝑛 runes?

As noted in David Coffron’s answer to another question, the moonblade (Dungeon Master’s Guide, pg. 217) has no fixed limit on how much damage it can do: there is no stated limit to the number of runes ...
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How does the Athlete feat affect the Centaur playable race?

The Athlete feat (PHB, p. 165) has a point that says: climbing doesn't halve your speed. The Centaur's Equine Build trait (GGtR, p. 16) says: any climb that uses both hands and feet is ...
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Which, if any, parts of the Locate City Bomb are dubious by RAW?

The “locate city bomb” is a somewhat-notorious example of theoretical optimization, turning a minor 1st-level divination into something quite similar to a nuclear blast that kills everything for miles ...
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What does "Rules As Interpreted" mean and how is it different to Rules as Written and Rules as Intended?

From Sage Advice: PHILOSOPHY BEHIND RULES AND RULINGS RAW. “Rules as written”—that’s what RAW stands for. When I dwell on the RAW interpretation of a rule, I’m studying what the text says in context, ...
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How can food created by a spell be destroyed? [closed]

My paladin just cast Create Food and Water to create 45 pounds of bland-but-nourishing food. However, he cast it in front of the door, and now we can't get out of the room. We thought we could just ...
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If a net is 10×10, can it hit four medium creatures, by RAW?

This whole question assumes that the canonical Net weapon used for immobilizing a Large creature, is 10ft across; if your answer is based on a presumption that a net weapon isn't 10ft across, please ...
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Are RAW (the acronym) and similar terms singular or plural?

I was having a discussion (read: argument) with a friend, and we were throwing around the same terms about rule interpretations that a lot of people use — RAW for rules as written, RAI for rules as ...
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How long can a creature without a constitution score run?

The Rules Compendium text on running suggests that a creature can only run for as many rounds as its constitution before (maybe) tiring. How does this interact with creatures like undead that have no ...
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How to Adjudicate the Snowcasting feat?

I have a player who wants to take the Snowcasting feat. But before he does he wants to know how I will rule on the matter. Snowcasting (General) You add ice or snow to your spell's components ...
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Can you use the Disguise skill on others?

In Pathfinder, the disguise skill allows you to create disguises. Can you create a disguise for others or are you limited to creating disguises only for yourself (outside of e.g. class features ...
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