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How do I go about my very first session 0? [duplicate]

My friends and I are new to session 0 and I am looking to make our experiences more meaningful and fun.
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Players skipping side quests just to have a laugh at the DM

Something that's happening frequently at my table recently is that the players are making choices deliberately to waste my preparation. If they see something that obviously took some preparation that ...
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As the Dungeon Master, how do I handle a player that insists on a specific class when I already know that choice will cause issues?

I agreed to DM the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist adventure for a group of my friends. One of them wants to play a wizard. Based on past experience, I know that she will ignore the prepared spells and just ...
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How to persuade players not to cheat?

I am DMing the Lost Mine of Phandelver Starter Set campaign for 5e with my two friends, and one of them is bringing his two friends. They use D&D Beyond, and their character sheets contain almost ...
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My own Party are ruining the game for me. What should I do?

In D&D I play a ranger who lost an eye in battle therefore having a disadvantage. Me and my party of 6 friends went inside a tavern to rest just before we went on our main quest together. In the ...
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Consistency between "yes and" with "no, because I'm the DM"

Context: I enjoy running softer systems, with Numenera being my latest favorite. I discard rules left and right in favor of what feels right during the play. I love the "rule of cool" too, ...
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My players want to grind XP but we're using milestone advancement

I've been running a D&D 5e campaign where the levelling up has been done at certain landmark points or milestones. Regardless of your opinion on that specific system, it's reached a point where ...
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Players Develop Backstories Too Much

I keep running into an issue as a dungeon master where my players develop their characters a bit too much. By this, I mean that they'll write up things in their backstories or develop NPCs that aren't ...
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How to deal with DM favoritism toward a player who is able to silence other players in order to avoid being constantly overruled by the group?

I've been in a campaign for the past 4 months with a very controlling DM and a player who has been dubbed their favorite. The DM in question is very flexible with anything in their game... as long as ...
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How do I deal with my group having issues with my character?

I am fairly newish to D&D. Our group plays every week and I have been a GM before. My character is fairly chill, chaotic neutral and will often get distracted for a few moments looking at ...
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Is it appropriate to address characters by their race in D&D?

Simply, calling an elf an elf or a dwarf a dwarf in a non-defamatory, non-insulting way: is it justified to call this out as racist language in a D&D game? More specifically, we have a player, ...
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Was this the right call? Player rolled a great Intimidation check on an enemy that wouldn't normally be intimidated

In one of my last sessions, my players were about to begin their battle with the big bad of the story arc: a Hag who had taken over the body of the village herbalist and was quietly poisoning the ...
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How to deal with a PC being played as homophobic?

I’m about to start a sci-fi campaign using Ultramodern5 (a modification of D&D 5e for non-fantasy settings). I’ve been working with players to help build their characters, and one player character ...
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How to deal with a player who says no all the time?

I am a fairly new DM. I am playing with a group I have tried to DM and have played with as a PC. There is one person in that group that plays as a PC that says no, AKA he is the opposite of a murder ...
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How to discourage mundane play?

I am freestyling a campaign w/out an “official” system, and I have run into a problem. With certain players, they refuse to play as adventurers, choosing instead to get a steady job, then saying ...
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