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How to I run the Tomb of horrors better? [closed]

I'm having trouble with the Tomb of Horrors. My party is mostly newer players except for one veteran player, who happens to power build with another newer player (the overpowered clerics from Tasha's ...
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How does failing a Sense Motive check against a Bluff affect your character's perception of the world?

There doesn't seem to be a concrete explanation for what happens to your character if you fail a Sense Motive check against a Bluff. I want to know the limits of failing a Sense Motive check, as well ...
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How can a 'Session 0' successfully align campaign participants' expectations? [closed]

Many GMs - myself included - like to begin a campaign with a "Session 0": a session where the ground rules of the campaign are laid out plainly before any actual play begins. Some topics of discussion ...
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How to handle immature player as a first-time GM?

It is my first time GM for a Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire campaign, and I've been having problems with one of the players. Most are "mature" when roleplaying, meaning they take the story, and the ...
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How do I make a player feel important when their skills don't affect the campaign? [closed]

You know how sometimes a character takes Dwarvish as their second language but you have no dwarves in your campaign? Or a Cleric specializes in killing undead when your campaign revolves around ...
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Is it normal for my players to be this casual about the game? [closed]

I'm a new DM and I'm running a group of new players. We're a pretty casual group and they haven't bought books or dice, and aren't very invested in the game. Is that normal? How much should I ask of ...
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Am I being a bad sport or is my DM indeed being unfair? [closed]

Situation We had a party of me and 2 other players and a DM. My understanding of how the campaign was going to go after talking to the DM and the other players before playing was that there could be ...
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What to do with a player that doesn't know what type of game he wants?

So, IMO a player of mine seems to have not-so-clear ideas about what he wants. We are playing Pathfinder 2e, and he doesn't like it. That's fair, everyone has their own preferences. But from what he ...
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Online play: How to keep the group focused?

I'm the default GM for a group of friends who have been - in some constellation or another - playing together through two major campaigns and various shorter ones over the past decades (plural). ...
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How could I have dealt with this player (I wasn't the DM) who intentionally made the party do stupid stuff? [closed]

It was a long session. We had an experienced DM, and a highly amateur party who just attacked everything on sight. But that was overshadowed by this one player that would intentionally do stupid stuff....
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How can I handle, or prevent, provocative actions by my players? [duplicate]

I have been DM'ing for a few years, and due to my upbringing I prefer to run games that don't really allow for what I consider to be evil acts in game. For me, that means using basic common sense and ...
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Dealing with an abusive player [closed]

Continuing on my last question, which I will congratulate all the answers that I got, some of the answers were about that other player I mentioned. He plays a Druid (lv.3), and he is in a party ...
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Help with a homebrew spell. Is this defensive spell balanced?

I'm trying to create a few spells for an Illusionist I'm currently playing. I could use some help refining the wording used as well as prevent any broken mechanics or introducing an unbalanced spell ...
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On Role-playing True-to-Canon Elves Despite Fellow Players Promoting Orcs [closed]

While I have read all the 3.5 sourcebooks -- and had some practically memorised, I haven't played that many campaigns. One of the few that I did, I went with a Lawful Neutral Grey Elf Wizard, and as ...
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