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Can a familiar from the Find Familiar spell use a Ring of Spell Storing? [duplicate]

Based on other similar questions, I've determined that a familiar can attune to magic items. But can a familiar cast spells from the Ring of Spell Storing? The description of Find Familiar states &...
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Is there anything in the rules that say a familiar can attune to magic items? [duplicate]

Is there anything in the rules that say a familiar can attune to magic items? I've seen lots of questions about if familiars can attune to items and the community seems to agree on that they can. ...
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Sentinel Raven uses too much awesome magic

The Raven Queen Warlock in my group got a Sentinel Raven, as per the Lvl1 Class Feature. This raven is now attuned to a magic ring and wields a magic wand. The wand is not that big of a problem, but ...
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Can I use my familiar from the Find Familiar spell as a safety deposit box?

The Find Familiar spell states, in part: As an action, you can temporarily dismiss your familiar. It disappears into a pocket dimension where it awaits your summons. The question arising from this ...
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Does magic armor resize with wild shape?

If my level 5 druid with +1 hide armor wild shapes into a brown bear, does his armor resize to fit the new form? In the PHB for druid wild shape it says: You choose whether your equipment falls to ...
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How can I improve the survivability or damage potential of my familiar, as a cleric 5/wizard 1?

I play a Death Domain cleric, with 1 level in wizard so I can cast the find familiar spell. For my familiar, I have a gelatinous ice cube (stats of a oblex spawn). At lower levels, it was super fun ...
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Can beasts benefit from magic items?

Can a non-player beast benefit from a magic item's effects? For example, would a cat that was wearing a headband of intellect get the extra intelligence the item gives?
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Can my familiar use a Ring of Spell Storing?

Can the familiar options from the Pact of the Chain warlock (quasit, imp, sprite, pseudodragon) attune with a ring of spell storing? If so, can I cast a spell requiring concentration into the ring ...
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Can an animal attune to a magic item?

We have previously determined that an awakened creature or a familiar can attune to magic items, but one of those is a sapient creature, and the other "always obeys your commands". A paladin's steed (...
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Is there a class ability, spell or other, that lets you share spells with your familiar?

Scenario: I have a Wizard/Warlock with the Pact of the Chain feature, who I have themed off He-Man. I love the idea of using Tenser's Transformation to buff both he and his familiar up for combat. ...
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Can I use Hex (Spell) and Hexblade's Curse in 1 round [duplicate]

Is it possible to use both Hex (Spell) and Hexblade's Curse (Hex Blade ability) in 1 round of combat? These are both bonus actions. I expect if its possible you would use up your bonus and attack ...
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Can a Tiny Servant use a Wand of Magic Missiles?

Is it possible for a creature created by the tiny servant spell (XGtE, p. 168) to wield and use a magic item, such as a wand of magic missiles?
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Is there a way for a sprite familiar to gain the senses of a Warlock such as darkvision?

A third level High Elf Pact of the Chain Warlock with an Archfey patron casts the find familiar spell and then chooses a sprite form for the spirit to take. The Warlock commands the familiar to enter ...
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Is there any way to raise a wizard's familiar's Intelligence?

Is there any way to raise a wizard's familiar's Intelligence? Or is there another spell or feat that raises the Intelligence of a familiar or conjures a smarter familiar? The paladin's 2nd level ...
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Can I give my familiar a magical tattoo?

My Familiar is a creature. Magical Tattoos go on creatures; can I apply one to my familliar? Once inscribed on a creature’s body, damage or injury doesn’t impair the tattoo’s function, even if the ...
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