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Is my Ranger doing more damage than they should?

My character is a level 5 ranger and can do on average 50 or so damage per round. I have the Venomous Bow and and some basic bane toxin. The bow has the following relevant traits: Poison Generation. ...
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Is a Bastard sword better than a Greatsword?

Fighter level 2 gets Fighting style where you can choose the Duelist fighting style, which gives you +2 damage for weapons with one hand. Bastard sword's average damage is 5.5 because its damage is ...
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How do I make a samurai character?

I am creating a character for my first D&D campaign (5th edition). I would like to create a Samurai character, but I'm not sure what class I should choose. Is it a fighter? Or is it some kind of ...
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How do you cast Mending on a clockwork character?

I'm playing a DnD campaign (my first real one). My DM is pretty new to it as well and we are unsure of the following rules and how they work together. I am playing a custom race: Clockwork. I realise ...
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Optimizing Pact of the Blade’s ability to conjure any weapon

At level 3, warlocks gain the Pact Boon feature, and one of the options is Pact of the Blade. One of the benefits of the warlock’s Pact of the Blade is the ability to conjure any melee weapon the ...
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Has there ever been a class that creates magic by drawing it?

In the long history of Dungeons & Dragons, has there been a character class that can only create magical effects by drawing on surface? For example, a class that needs to draw a circle on the ...
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What damage type vulnerability makes sense for disease-based Zombies rather than being undead? [closed]

I am running a campaign with a disease that makes humanoids become mindless zombie-esque creatures. However they are not undead: they can be cured and returned to their original selves. In the MM ...
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Is partial armour an optional rule?

While running a campaign of D&D5e, one of my players wanted a helmet to give him a bonus AC. I told them that in D&D5e wearing a helmet doesn't give you an AC bonus. He pointed out in the D&...
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How to balance a character that stole enemy pets?

Me and my players are running Hoard of the Dragon Queen and we just reached the dragon hatchery. One of my dragonborn players reached the Drake Nursery. Through some Animal Handling check, the ability ...
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If a skeleton learns a language, can it speak it?

The skeleton description says that while it cannot speak it, it can understand the languages it knew in life. Can it not speak because of its undeath or could it learn to speak a language?
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Is this homebrew Monk archetype with sneak attack too overpowered?

So I came across a homebrew archetype for Monk called Way Of The Lynx. The abilities at the higher levels are completely okay, but the one in question is the third level, Sneak Attack: Starting at ...
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Sorcerer Origins Vs Archetypes

So I'm in the midst of character creation, and I was looking to see how multi-faceted I can make my character. To give greater potential for stuff later on. I've got a Sorcerer on my hands, and ...
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Do Hexblade warlocks choose their spells from the Hexblade spell list or the warlock spell list?

Since a warlock hexblade is a subclass (i.e. a special kind of warlock) in D&D 5e, does he choose his spells from the Hexblade spell list? Or can he choose from either the warlock or hexblade ...
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How is childbirth handled?

Recently I decided I wanted my character to get pregnant and have a baby. She's in a sense "dating" another PC in our group. I have talked to my DM, and we're trying to find out what's needed for when ...
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Are there Machete weapon stats?

I was wondering if there was a specific cost, damage, weight, and other properties for a machete as a weapon in 5e. The Player's Handbook doesn't have anything listed for it. I've also been trying to ...
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