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I want to get into D&D with a bunch of beginner friends, (me included) but I don't know/understand a lot of aspects of the game [duplicate]

This is for 5e, I need an explanation of progression, skills, and stats, and how they all work. This might be a heavy question, so if there's a simple book that explains this stuff, I'd like to know ...
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Can you play D&D 5E online solo? [duplicate]

I'm new to D&D and not played before. I don't have friends who play the game and am wanting a way to start off on my own to learn the basics. Does anybody know of any way to play online solo? ...
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Best way to get into playing D&D? [duplicate]

Okay so I have a friend who's recently started playing D&D and me and a bunch of other people have said that we would want to join in. However, we're worried that we'll be a bit clueless and are ...
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I am new to dnd, what are the main rules? [duplicate]

I am new to Dungeons and Dragons. I've heard a lot about it, briefly played it, and know almost nothing about it. Can anyone help me out, want to play, and/or teach me how to play? My discord is on my ...
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Starting out with D&D from complete scratch [duplicate]

I'm currently planning to get myself and three other friends into D&D, so I'm looking for tips on starting out from scratch. To be clear, by from scratch I mean I don't have any dice, any ...
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I'm pretty new to d&d [duplicate]

I always wanted to play D&D but i was always "friendless" amd live in a very urban area where no one plays i learn better if others teach me are there any videos that anyone could suggest that is ...
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Can anyone teach a new player to play Pathfinder? [duplicate]

I have the core book and the Bestiary 2. My brother gave them to me but I've never found time to sit and learn how to play by myself.
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With Whom or Where Can I Play D&D [duplicate]

I’m new to D&D and want to play with someone if anyone could introduce me to the game and invite me to your online table (is that what you call where you play D&D) I would be very greatful
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How To Get Into D&D [duplicate]

Ok, so this is kind of a loaded question. My family thinks that D&D is stupid, so here I am, asking questions. Let it be known that I'm extremely new, and I'm talking about the board game D&D, ...
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Im new to role playing games.Where should i start? [duplicate]

I've played Skyrim but I really want to know where to start for dungeons and dragons.
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Get started with RPGs [duplicate]

I don't know anything about RPGs, but I would like to start with Dungeons and Dragons. Where do I begin, what do I have to do?
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How can I start playing d&d 5e as a beginner? [duplicate]

I am completely new to role-playing games, yet have an experience with board games. How should I start d&d without it overwhelming me?
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How can I find other RPG players?

I'd really like to learn how to play pen-and-paper RPGs. I know that it takes a few players to actually sit down and play, but I'm not at all sure where to find more gamers. How do I find existing ...
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How do you teach someone else how to play D&D?

Someone I know recently expressed interest in playing D&D. This came at the perfect time because I and some other friends were about to start a D&D 5e game. The problem is, I don't know how to ...
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What is role-playing, and where do I start?

I have been told that roleplaying is great fun. I've looked and looked and it all seems so complicated. Could anyone tell me a good place to start, and what sort of things you end up doing in ...
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