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Possible to cast Mind Spike without breaking concentration? [duplicate]

Mind Spike is cast with one action but has concentration up to an hour. Unless I'm mistaken, the actual casting process of the spell does not take concentration, due to it not being longer than a ...
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Can I cast a concentration spell through an "Invoke Duplicity" clone? [duplicate]

I am using "Invoke Duplicity" to create a perfect illusory clone of my self. The clone is currently 100ft away. I want to cast "Dominate Person" on a target 120ft away. Can I do so without moving? ...
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Can I cast guidance immediately before a check and keep Hex active? [duplicate]

I am currently playing a Warlock and I am going to take the tome pact boon. I know you cannot be concentrating on two spells at once but if I am concentrating on Hex and I cast guidance immediately ...
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Mind spike while concentrating in another spell [duplicate]

The warlock in my party is planning to learn Shadow blade and Mind spike spells (both require concentration). As far I know, you lose your concentration in a given spell if you cast another spell that ...
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Can you cast Insect Plague into another room with and/or without scrying? [duplicate]

So there's a potential scenario coming up in my game. I've "accidentally" given my players a very fortifiable position that could make a cakewalk of a rather grueling fight if they think to use it. It'...
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Can I cast spells that require concentration through "Invoke Duplicity" [duplicate]

Can I use the clone from "Invoke Duplicity" to cast a concentration spell, since the clone requires concentration itself? For example, could I use the clone to cast invisibility on one of my allies ...
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How quick is the transition from one concentration spell to another? [duplicate]

While it's been established that concentration spells can't overlap (When exactly does a concentration spell end from casting another one?) this brings up the nitpicky question of 'how long is the gap ...
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If a character has cast the Fly spell on themselves, can they "hand off" to the Levitate spell without interruption?

Suppose a character has cast fly on themselves, and wishes to switch to levitate to prevent themselves from taking fall damage if they lose concentration. What happens if they cast levitate while in ...
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Can you Counterspell a caster who is under Invisibility?

You lose Invisibility when you attack or cast a spell. Case 1. If someone who is Invisible (not Greater Invisibility), but not Hidden (I know they are there) casts a spell, would they lose ...
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To maximize a combo with True Strike, which is the most damaging spell with attack roll?

True strike says: You extend your hand and point a finger at a target in range. Your magic grants you a brief insight into the target's defenses. On your next turn, you gain advantage on your first ...
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