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Are the Magic Items Compendium and Spell Compendium both 3.5e? [duplicate]

Are the Magic Items Compendium and Spell Compendium both for 3.5e, or are they based in 3rd version and need conversion before being used in 3.5?
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What is the chronological list of D&D 3(.5)e material? [duplicate]

The ring of the darkhidden wondrous item has been published in both MoF and MIC. I assume Magic of Faerûn was printed before Magic Item Compendium, but I want to know for sure. There is a similar ...
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DnD 3.5(e) source books [duplicate]

I'm currently playing a DnD 3.5 campaign and the only sources we are currently using are: the PHB, the Dungeon Master Handbook, the Monster manual. Now there seem to be a lot of other books out there,...
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How compatible are books for D&D 3.0 and D&D 3.5?

I found a bunch of D&D books at a used bookshop, but am now realizing half are 3.0 and half are 3.5... How compatible are these with each other? What are the major rule changes I'll need to watch ...
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How would a 7th level wizard defend his shop?

So my players have been hired by a wizard to recover 3 copies of a spell he created. Three other wizards have copied the spell into secondary spellbooks (which required them to break a copy-...
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How do I know which edition of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) the books I'm looking at are for?

I know there are quite a few editions of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), each of which has loads of rules, source, and splat books. But how do I know which edition the books I'm looking at are for? ...
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Do the D&D 5e source books specify which edition they are?

In my copies of the 5e Player's Handbook and 5e Monster Manual, I cannot find it stated anywhere that they are source books for 5th edition. In the PHB, both the preface and the introduction only ...
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Items to enhance spot checks?

My character often has to make spot checks for various purposes, so I am considering trying to help myself with some magic tool to improve my spot checks. But after a quick research in D&Dtools ...
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Which non-light weapons does Weapon Finesse apply to?

Weapon Finesse says it applies to all light weapons, and then a small number of other weapons (rapier, whip, spiked chain) from the "Player's Handbook". I know there are other non-light weapons ...
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What special materials exist for weapons and armor in D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder?

Can anyone give me a good reference to a relatively complete list of Item Special Materials, such as Adamantine, Mithril, etc? Most sources are so spread out and lack vital information that it's ...
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Plot granted special ability standards?

For the campaign in question, I'm running one person through a dungeon inspired by Vagrant Story. Clearly some things from the video game can't be emulated, and many of those are integral to the game: ...
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What are the official abbreviations or short forms of the 3rd edition of the D&D books?

What are the official abbreviations or short forms of the titles of 3rd edition of the D&D books? There appear to be a few different styles or forms online.
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Skill to recognize cleric domains and what spells appear on them?

For a homebrew class that I’d like to make sure remains consistent with existing rules on this subject, I need to know if any rules exist that cover the following. Suppose you know a character ...
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How do I quickly find the official errata for any book?

When answering questions, I often find that I want to double-check that my answer is in-line with the most current version of the rules. Though I can often recognise that I need to check the errata ...
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What are all the playable races and starting classes? [closed]

I'm about to start a Dungeons and Dragon 3.5 adventure, and the last time I created a character I didn't feel there were many options to choose from (unlike Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition). What ...
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