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What is considered an object?

In the PHB, on page 193, the Use an Object action is described: Use an Object You normally interact with an object while doing something else, such as when you draw a sword as part of an ...
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What is the definition of "creature" and is it used consistently?

In the Starter set and Basic Rules, it mentions "character", "non-player character", "player character", "monster", "creature", and maybe other terms I've missed. Which of these terms are ...
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Does the wording of the Wrathful Smite spell imply that there are other living beings that aren't considered "creatures"?

I've been playing D&D 5e for about a year, and as I've understood, every living being falls under the "creature" category: humanoids, beasts, monstrosities, monsters, constructs, undead, ...
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Does a Huge Object that has already been Animated continue to be Animated if it is Enlarged to Gargantuan?

I'm hashing out a collective of NPC Rock Gnomes who live in a small stone castle shaped like a Huge person, about 15 x 15 x 22 feet, which is the maximum size for a creature of Huge size. This ...
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By a strict reading of RAW: does Revivify work?

Given the following two facts, through a strict RAW reading (a DM of course can and likely should handwave this issue), is a typical corpse a valid target of Revivify? Creatures are Objects. ...
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Are extra effects considered weapon damage on a sword of sharpness?

The Sword of Sharpness says: When you attack an object with this magic sword and hit, maximize your weapon damage dice against the target. Do some other effects (language use is intentional) add ...
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How can player characters, creatures and NPCs heal plants?

I would expect a druid to be able to tend to a damaged or blighted plant using magical means, as at level 1 they are granted the spell Cure Wounds. Also various woodland type magical creatures similar ...
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In RAW for 5e, can a player use a monster as a spell component?

One of the D&D legends stories that floated around my campus involved a poorly balanced boss fight in a 3.5 game. The players were facing a Giant Spider Wizard, and it was wiping the floor with ...
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How do hit points for massive objects, like ships, work?

Page 119 of the DMG has stats for airborne and waterborne vehicles. They usually have multiple hundreds of hit points. However, isn’t a boat a massive object? If it were, it would be subject to the ...
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If a creature was flying via the Fly spell and dies, does it continue flying?

The Fly spell states: You touch a willing creature. The target gains a flying speed of 60 feet for the duration. When the spell ends, the target falls if it is still aloft, unless it can stop the ...
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Do the jar and the catatonic body in Magic Jar count as objects or creatures?

The spell magic jar puts your soul into a jar, and your body is in a catatonic state. What are these both treated as? Is the jar counted as an object, a construct, or a creature in general? Is your ...
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Does the warlock's Ghostly Gaze eldritch invocation automatically reveal hidden creatures?

Can a Warlock in D&D 5e with the Ghostly Gaze eldritch invocation automatically detect hidden creatures, considering that their cover is now transparent? Is it even possible to hide from a ...
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If you as a player character get frightened and the caster dies, are you still frightened by the corpse?

Does the frightened Condition end when the monster you are afraid of dies?
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What happens when I have a creature grappled and it dies?

If I have a creature grappled and they end up being killed, do they fall prone? Does my character still gain half cover? And are they still subject to the grappled condition and could I still move ...
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Would a Sentient weapon be able to save versus spells cast against it?

There was a lot more information about sentient weapons in earlier editions, but please restrict answers to 5th edition rules (but use earlier editions to back up statement if needed). Would a ...
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