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When does the Death Saving Throw happen with respect to sources of automatic ongoing damage? [duplicate]

If a character is knocked unconscious with 0HP with a source of automatically dealt damage, for example, into a fire, and takes damage from it each turn, does the automatic Death Saving Throw failure ...
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How does Healing Spirit interact with death saving throws? [duplicate]

A character is at 0 HP with two failed death saving throws and is lying unconscious on the ground, sharing the same area with the effect of the Healing Spirit spell. What happens at the beginning of ...
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If two Moonbeam spells are placed on a Large creature, does it take damage from both beams on its turn?

If two moonbeam spells are placed on different parts of a size Large (or larger creature), does it take damage from both beams on its turn? Or is this subject to the rule on combining magical effects ...
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Is it possible to interrupt spellcasting?

As this blog post suggests, there seems to be a hole in the D&D Basic rules. Maybe. The rules for readying an action state: When the trigger occurs, you can either take your reaction right ...
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Can you determine the order of "at the end of a short rest" effects?

Example when being able to determine that order matters: periapt of wound closure, an attunement item that benefits spending hit dice. Picture the following scenario: The party is beat-up after a few ...
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Does downing a character at the start of its turn require an immediate Death Saving Throw?

Say a Player Character (PC) with low HP is in a Cloudkill: When a creature enters the spell's area for the first time on a turn or starts its turn there, that creature must make a Constitution ...
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Can Death Ward save you from death due to damage from falling?

I am curious about ways of using Death Ward and wondered what happens if you cast Death Ward on yourself and then throw yourself off a great height. For example, would it be possible to cast Death ...
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Can any actions happen at the same time/instant?

I don't know if this is philosophical or physics...but hopefully we don't have to go there: Inspired by: Does the Spirit Guardians spell stack with multiple casters? How do you determine the '...
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What happens when a bard riding a found steed casts Time Stop, or, does Time Stop target the entire universe?

Jimothy Page is a level 20 bard. He learned the spell find greater steed with his 10th level Magical Secrets, and with his 18th level Magical Secrets, he selected time stop. Find greater steed has an ...
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When is a spell cast?

Some spells have implications "when the spell is cast again", such as mage hand or imprisonment no longer applying to the previous target. A wizard character is arguing that the simulacrum ...
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Can you apply multiple on-hit effects and if you can, who decides the order they're applied in?

I'm thinking of making a character who is multiclassed into both Pact of the Blade Warlock as well as Arcane Archer that uses a bow as their pact weapon. If you apply the warlock invocation Eldritch ...
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How does the Healing Spirit spell work when healing unconscious characters?

When a character is knocked unconscious (and about to begin making death saving throws) in a square covered by healing spirit, how does their next turn work? Healing spirit will spare them from ...
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If a mythic monster is reduced to 0 HP by a Mace of Disruption, what happens?

(My question was inspired by this answer to "Is it possible to kill a mythic monster without activating its mythic trait?".) Mythic Monsters (introduced in Mythic Odysseys of Theros) have a ...
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Which occurs first? (late ToA spoilers)

Okay, so, real quick, I will place this here at the very start, if you don't want Tomb Of Annihilation spoilers, please do not read any further. That being said, I'm deep into my blind run of ToA. We ...
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Does a single critical hit trigger both Wounding and Bloodthirsty?

I have a weapon with Wounding and Bloodthirsty. I attack a target (that is not taking any persistent bleed damage) with the weapon and score a critical hit. Wounding will cause the attack to deal an ...
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