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Can you move between readying a spell and resolving its effect to avoid mage slayer or counterspell? [duplicate]

I was wondering whether you could take a move action in the middle of your Cast a Spell action (similar to moving between attacks), but the answers to this question say no. However, can you cast the ...
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Can you execute your ready action in the same turn it was readied? [duplicate]

Is it possible for a spellcaster to ready a fireball when he is out of view, move into line of sight and release it in the same turn , without giving the opposing spellcaster the chance to ...
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Does a creature know that the Suggestion spell was cast on it?

I have a problem about the spell Suggestion. One of my players wants to use it on an NPC and the NPC fails the save, does the 'thing' he is told to do and now ____. Does the NPC 'magically' forget ...
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How can one spellcaster avoid complete lockdown via Counterspell against multiple other casters?

As a single spellcaster, fighting more than one enemy spellcaster with counterspell is very difficult, even if you are much more powerful then them. The reason for this is that they have enough ...
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When can you counterspell a spell with long casting time?

The spell counterspell in D&D 5e has a casting time of 1 reaction, "which you take when you see a creature within 60 feet of you casting a spell". It has the basic effect of: You attempt to ...
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What ways exist to prevent Counterspell from being cast?

What ways can a character (PC or Monster) prevent an enemy from casting counterspell? What I can think of so far: Surprise the enemy and win initiative Cause the enemy to be incapacitated (or stunned/...
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Can you move and act with the Ready action?

I am trying to understand the Find Familiar spell and its interaction with the Ready action. The PHB reads about Ready: First, you decide what perceivable circumstance will trigger your reaction. ...
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Can a readied spell be Counterspelled after it is cast, but before the trigger occurs?

Based on this question: Can Dispel magic be used on a readied spell before the trigger occurs? Can you Counterspell a readied spell after the turn the original spell is cast as normal, but before the ...
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How is a Ready action handled if it triggers on your own turn?

You can break up your movement on your turn, using some of your speed before and after your action". (PHB, Ch9, Movement and Position) ... you can take the Ready action on your turn so that you can ...
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Ready cast spell when an enemy cast a spell vs Counterspell

Inspired by Can I deny a counterspell by readying my spell behind full cover? What happens when I ready to cast a spell when an enemy cast a spell, when an enemy has Counterspell prepared? According ...
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How does readying a spell interact with the Sorcerer's Metamagic feature?

The Ready action states (emphasis mine): [...] When you ready a spell, you cast it as normal but hold its energy, which you release with your reaction when the trigger occurs. [...] Thus, when you ...
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When casting Counterspell, do I know if the other spell is an action or bonus action?

Related to What do I know, when deciding whether to cast Counterspell?, except that my particular question isn't included in that question. I've been thinking of ways to counter counterspell. ...
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