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What is the highest possible AC?

Assuming you are level 20, and have access to any magic item, how high can you get AC (permanently or for a set duration)? Constraints: Magic items are those on the tables in the D&D 5th ...
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Can the manual and tome magic items that increase stats be used multiple times by bypassing the century wait time via the spell Sequester?

Assume we have a Wizard who is at least level 13 and can reliably cast Sequester many times (either through acquired spell scrolls, or has acquired enough material components for it to be a non-issue),...
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Did I calculate my ability scores correctly? Is it even possible to have 34 charisma at level 1?

My character is a forest gnome and at level 1 I have 34 charisma because I have max charisma stat (25), a +7 modifier, and an enchanted lute that gives me +2 charisma, so 25 + 7 + 2 = 34. Is this ...
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How can I reasonably prevent Manual of Bodily Health abuse? [closed]

I'm running D&D 5e. My players have recently come into possession of a Manual of Bodily Health. The very first thing they thought of was how to abuse it. They are planning on reading it and then ...
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What is the longest distance a player character can jump in one leap?

After asking What is the longest distance a 13th-level monk can jump while attacking on the same turn?, my curiosity got piqued. By RAW, what is the longest distance a player character can jump in one ...
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Is it possible for a character to get a ability score of 30?

In the Player's Handbook it says in the ability score improvement you can't go above 20. I know there is magical items that can make a certain score go 21. Also some monsters ability scores are at ...
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What happens when you double the numerical effect of a potion of giant strength?

Potions of Giant Strength give the drinker a new numerical value to their Strength score. The DMG provides a Potion Miscibility Variant table, one of the effects being : 91-99 The numerical ...
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Can I have an infinite ability score if I live long enough? [duplicate]

There are very rare magic items that increase your stat score by two, such as the Manual of Bodily Health. these items say once you use them they lose their magic until a century passes. I can't find ...
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What is the formula behind each level spell slot progression that I can use in a spreadsheet?

I have been trying to find a way to find the formula behind spell slot progression on the multiclass caster table, to add a spell slot table to this sheet with the best example being on the last table ...
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Is it possible for a character to attain a Strength Ability Score of 30? [duplicate]

The table mapping an ability score to a modifier covers Ability Scores from 1 to 30. A previous question established that it is indeed possible to attain an Ability Score of 1 due to effects lowering ...
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Is there a way to increase the maximum number of spells a level 20 wizard, druid or cleric can prepare?

These three spellcasting classes can prepare a number of spells equal to their relevant ability score modifier + their class level. This means that at level 20 they could prepare 25 spells assuming ...
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What is the highest ability score possible? [duplicate]

What is the highest ability score possible for a player character (including magic items and temporary effects)?