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Does Sentinel's opportunity attack trigger when I shove someone? [duplicate]

Alright, so me and my pal are working through making a 5e fighty Cleric. He wants to take the Sentinel and Shield Master feats. Sentinel and Shield Master's relevant parts read: Sentinel You have ...
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Can a shove give an Opportunity Attack? [duplicate]

For example, the shield mastery feat gives the option to shove an adjacent creature 5ft as a bonus action. Could you make an Opportunity Attack on the creature because it leaves your threat range ...
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If a Warlock's "Repelling Blast" hits an enemy engaged with an ally, does that ally get an attack of opportunity from it moving away? [duplicate]

Example: Fighter is engaged in melee combat with enemy. Warlock uses eldrich blast with "Repelling Blast" invocation. The enemy is pushed 10 ft. away. Is that creature no longer engaged in combat with ...
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Can pulling with Thorn Whip generate an Opportunity Attack? [duplicate]

Let's say my party member is around 30 feet in front of me and engaged with a monster in melee close combat. If I successfully cast Thorn Whip and pull the monster 10 feet closer to me, will this ...
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If a PC Levitates an opponent away, does the PC get an Opportunity Attack against them? [duplicate]

As we understand Levitation, even involuntary movement by an opponent can trigger an Opportunity Attack. Does that mean that even the wizard who cast the spell get an Opportunity Attack against an ...
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Can I grapple and drag someone to grant opportunity attacks against them? [duplicate]

I play a Goliath Valor Bard in a 5e D&D campaign. After a bit of Google searching about valor bards I came across the word of a role called a "Grappler", which Goliaths and bards are apparently ...
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Do you get opportunity attacks on creatures that are pushed? [duplicate]

A Tempest Cleric gets the ability to push a creature 10ft away when casting lightning damage on them. If a spell that pushes a target away while they are in close quarters with one of my allies, does ...
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Can I make an opportunity attack against a grappled creature if it's being moved out of my reach? [duplicate]

We just recently started using the grapple mechanics in D&D 5e. I was wondering if it was possible to set up multiple opportunity attacks by grappling an enemy creature and then moving it out of ...
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If you shove an enemy towards another player in your party, would that player be able to make an opportunity attack? [duplicate]

I'm playing a way of the open hand Monk, I use flurry of blows and using a ki point I can opt to shove my target up to 15 ft. If I pushed it to within 5ft of a fighter in my party, could they use ...
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Would an ally get an Opportunity Attack if I were to knock an enemy towards them? [duplicate]

Coming Sunday a party member and myself will be facing off against a wizard/warlock and some cultists. The session last week ended on the Paladin initiating combat by jumping towards the warlock by ...
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Can spells that push enemies around provoke oppurtunity attacks? [duplicate]

Just as the title says, if I cast repelling blast or some other spell that pushes a single enemy away from one of my melee groupies, would that provide an opportunity attack if there was a DM who ...
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Can forcing an opponent away give an attack of opportunity to an ally? [duplicate]

Assume my ally was fighting an enemy at close range. If I cast a spell, ability, whatever that forced the enemy away, would that trigger an attack of opportunity for my ally?
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Inducing Opportunity Attacks in conjunction with War Caster feat [duplicate]

Let's consider a multiclassed Tempest Cleric with some levels in Storm Sorcerer (from Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide). That character also has the War Caster feat, which states When a hostile ...
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When can I make opportunity attacks?

What provokes an opportunity attack? In 3.X moving out of a threatened square, standing up from prone, casting a spell (unless cast defensively), or making a ranged attack provoked, while in 4e ...
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How do I avoid being and feeling useless as a player new to D&D combat?

I tried playing D&D 4th edition a few years ago. While I enjoyed it, this particular thing put me off. I didn't know about this SE at the time, so I couldn't ask this. Events in this question are ...
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