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How do I play a paladin without being a stick in the mud?

What are some tips for/examples of an epitome-of-good type paladin who does not disrupt the 'sinful' fun of the rest of the group? As an example of the type of paladin I'm talking about, one of the ...
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What should I do about a religious player who refuses to accept the existence of multiple gods in D&D?

I am working on a campaign which I am going to run for a group of friends, all of whom are new to D&D. I was discussing available classes with one of the players, more specifically classes with ...
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What differentiates "Gods" from other entities in the Forgotten Realm cosmology?

I am creating a campaign world that is supposed to be a “refuge from the gods”: no true deities can come here, no intervention in the affairs of mortals. People came here from the Forgotten Realms to ...
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How do I handle a paladin who falls, but wants to choose a different class instead of taking the Oathbreaker subclass?

tl;dr: How do I handle a fallen paladin? I have a level 6 player who wanted to play a lawful good aasimar paladin (Oath of Devotion). There have been several events which I believe have led to their ...
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Are paladins required to follow a god?

One of my players just submitted a character sheet for a paladin who doesn't follow or worship any god. This seemed strange to me, but looking at the Player's Handbook, the only relevant line I could ...
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Can a paladin decide who is considered "friendly", and thus gets the benefit of their aura(s)?

Paladin auras typically state that all friendly creatures (including you) within X ft. gain effect Y. For roleplay reasons, can a paladin decide that they no longer consider party member Z to be "...
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What does 'ally' mean, as a game term?

Most of the time, it should be really easy to determine who is my ally and who is not. The people who try to kill me are most likely my foes, whereas the people who entered the dungeon with me are ...
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Do clerics, paladins, and warlocks gain level ups from their own power, or from their patrons or gods?

A friend and I (we both DM for each other occasionally) are having a discussion about where the increases in power of divine (cleric and paladin) and psuedo-divine (warlock) classes comes from at ...
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How to get a un-creative player to get more into role playing

About six months ago myself and 2 of my friends started showing an interest in D&D. We would see funny memes about the "Murder Hobos" and imagined the funny stuff we could do. I took to it very ...
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What are the possible balance implications for houseruling INT as Paladin's spellcasting ability and class features?

Related (yet different): What is the source of a Paladin's spell-casting ability? Related (strongly): What are the impacts of changing a Ranger's spellcasting ability? (I don't know if everything ...
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