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Casting multiple spells in a single round

In the PHB page 202 under the bonus action heading it states: You can't cast another spell during the same turn, except for a cantrip with a casting time of 1 action. This seems to state that if ...
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Do you get to use the additional attack from the Extra Attack feature as well when you Ready an Attack action?

Do you get to use the additional attack from the Extra Attack feature as well when you Ready an Attack action? One of my players, a monk, decided to Ready an action as an earth elemental was about to ...
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How does the Ready action work?

So from reading the Player's Handbook, it seems that the Ready action is taken instead of any other action as it is an action in its own right. However, can you move on the same turn that you ready an ...
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Can a creature with multiattack make more than one attack as part of a readied attack?

I had a group of Bullywugs ambush the party when they were fighting a giant frog in a clearing in a swamp. The bullywugs were hidden in reeds and sedges around the clearing and they had all readied an ...
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Can reaction spells be used as an action?

I was wondering if spells like Shield wizard spell could be used as an action instead of as a reaction in response to some trigger? Shield spell gives protection until the start of casters next turn, ...
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If you misty step 30 feet straight up do you have time to attack a foe next to you before you start falling?

On your turn, you misty step 30 feet straight up. Can you make an attack before you start falling, or will you immediately begin to fall? For example, a player wants to reach a flying enemy to knock ...
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How specific does the Action for Ready need to be?

Starting with the rules for the Ready action: Sometimes you want to get the jump on a foe or wait for a particular circumstance before you act. To do so, you can take the Ready action on your turn, ...
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Can creatures attack during their jumping movement?

Can creatures, such as player characters, attack while in the air without a flying speed? For example, could a PC jump straight up in order to attack a monster, which would otherwise be out of their ...
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Do you get all your attacks if you ready an Attack Action? [duplicate]

Say I have a fighter who has three attacks and uses ready action/hold action to "Attack the next person to come through that door". If someone comes through the door, does he get his reaction to get ...
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Can a caster Counterspell a Counterspell against a non-cantrip spell they cast? [duplicate]

If caster A (for example a wizard) casts a spell on their turn, and it is Counterspelled by another caster B, can the original caster Counterspell the first Counterspell? I am assuming that it is ...
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Can I use Two-Weapon Fighting on my mount's turn?

Can I use the Ready action on my turn to specify that I will make a melee attack once in range of an enemy, use my mount to get to the enemy, attack the enemy with one melee weapon, and then also ...
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If I trigger something on my turn, can I immediately take my Action to react?

Alberich the Absent-minded is moving towards the evil lich Xanax to put a leather bag over its head. Xanax' skeleton minion attacks him in passing with an opportunity attack. Alberich has not used his ...
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