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How can we optimize a monk (especially for offense)?

I have complaints from someone in one of my groups that the 3.5 monk isn't good for anything offensive, only for defense and disarming (defenestration wasn't mentioned). My experience has only been ...
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What makes a character/creature/power/ability/etc. over-powered?

In generic terms, what makes something, regardless of what game it's being used in, over powered? I hear the term a lot, and while I can recognize it when I see it in-play (often due to someone ...
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1 GM and 1 Player games and game systems? [closed]

I'm eager to hear how other people handle this? I do quite a bit of GM-Less gaming in Mythic and some other fringe systems, but, sometimes it's just better to be playing 'other sides' even if you're ...
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Can a creature with Vow of Poverty get grafts?

The vow of poverty forbids you to have almost any posessions. However, grafts (and symbionts) are described as "Not magic items, but behaving very similarly". (Despite being listed under magic items ...
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What magic item benefits are built into the expectation of the game?

I often read that magic item progression is built into the game's difficulty, and that it's important for PCs to keep up with the progression in order to not fall behind. Exactly what progression is "...
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Is there a way to replace druid spells in D&D 3.5?

I am planning a character who is a lvl 1 druid with the shape-shift variant from PH2. He is human and has the following feats: Sacred Vow, Vow of Poverty, and Intuitive Attack. I'm not a big fan of ...
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Vow of Poverty in Wild Shape Mystic Ranger/Master of Many Forms?

I was thinking of a new Master of Many Forms build and how Vow of Poverty would fit into it. The campaing is low level and I would like to be relevant starting from level one. Here is what I got so ...
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Does Antimagic Field suppress Vow of Poverty?

Vow of Poverty is an exalted supernatural feat, and exalted feats are explicitly stated in Book of Exalted Deeds to be aquired as gifts from powerful agents of good like deities or celestials. If ...
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What is the consensus on which books should be banned due to either exploitability, lack of balance, or poor editing? [closed]

At first this may seem to be a largely opinion-based question, but the more that I read the more that there appears to be a consensus. For example, in something resembling decreasing order of the ...
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How to provide XP for item creation?

I read in an answer that you can provide the XP cost of an item that the party Wizard creates for you. Unfortunately no details are given, and the link is dead. How can I cover the Wizard's XP ...
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What feat/spell/skill lets you know if you're breaking a vow/your god's rules as a free action?

I am building a D&D 3.5e Saint Cloistered Cleric with a Vow of Poverty and Vow of Peace. In the past two weeks, I ran across a character ability (a skill, feat, spell, alternate class feature, ...
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How does the editing quality of officially published 5e material compare to that of 3.5e? [closed]

5e is a much more mechanically simple game than 3.5e and if we concern ourselves only with first party, officially published, fully edited, non-playtest material such as the official books, we find ...
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