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On and off NPC/PC [duplicate]

Still just spitballing, but I came across an idea for a new group I might be starting. One of the players will only be available half the time the rest of the group will be (let's call him Bob), and ...
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How to run a side quest [duplicate]

Recent commitments means one of our group cannot attend our once monthly DnD game for a few weeks. We are in the middle of a campaign, a close knit group and we are usually always present at every ...
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Occasionally missing players [duplicate]

I am planning to start a homebrew fantasy savage worlds campaign with my friends over roll20. We have already played together in a d&d 5e campaign over the past year and now starting a new one. ...
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Can D&D with only 2 players (plus DM) even work?

I DM'ed for my buddies this semester and it was really fun. I got my roommate hooked and now he's asking for me to make another campaign (I've got a great idea). The problem lies in the fact that I'll ...
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How do I convince my group to try a new system without always having to DM it first?

I always play roleplaying games with the same friends. We have a lot of fun, but I'm always a bit frustrated by the fact that they always resist when I propose to try new roleplaying games. Even ...
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When to kick out frequently absent and disruptive players?

I DM for a group of 6 people and we play once a week. Two of the players barely ever show up (less than once a month), and when they do we have to stop, and recap a huge part of story, just for them,...
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How do I catch a Player Character up to the rest of the group after returning from an extended hiatus?

This is somewhat similar to "How do you deal with missing players?", but I'm looking to address slightly different issues. Also, this query is about longer breaks than the one or two sessions ...
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How do I deal with absent players missing out on levels or XP?

If a player is absent and nobody chooses to play this absent character and instead I let it vanish for a while with a suitable reason or excuse, does this missing player gain levels and XP with the ...
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How to deal with a player missing the first session of a campaign

I don't think this question has been asked before. However, the 'How do you deal with missing players' question is related. My group just started a new campaign. A player we thought would no longer ...
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How do you maintain pacing close to a campaign climax when a number of players cannot make a game? [closed]

Possible Duplicate: How do you deal with missing players? So this weekend a couple of our party can't make it, but the rest of us still want to play. Our DM is concious that we're approaching the ...
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