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When is something overpowered? [duplicate]

There are over a 500 questions on this site that ask if this or that is overpowered. By what criteria would you determine if something is overpowered? Can this only be resolved in specific narrow ...
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Is this homebrew Eir race balanced?

This is my first attempt at a homebrew, and I've never DMed before so my knowledge of the Player's Handbook is what I've managed to find online. At a glance, is this race overpowered compared to the ...
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Is my homebrew Awakened Bear race balanced?

I wanted to play an awakened bear, and decided to create my own race. I used JamesMusicus' Basic Race Feature Analysis sheet to create it, but I'd like to know how it would stack up in game. Is the ...
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Is my "Tree Person" homebrew race balanced?

I have created a homebrew race, of a 'tree person' (pretty much a tree-humanoid) (a better name will come later). Is this race balanced in proportion to other official 5e races? Tree Person Features: ...
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How do I get started creating this homebrew race?

I'm a pretty new player. I have played one campaign to completion and am in the middle of two other ones with two different groups. I've never made any homebrew content, and I only have a pretty basic ...
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Is my Quickling homebrew race balanced?

Is my Quickling homebrew race balanced? I have adapted the Quickling for a homebrew playable race. Is this race balanced in proportion to other official 5e races? I used information from the DMG (p. ...
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How much is darkvision worth compared to a skill pick?

In evaluating homebrew races for how balanced they are, you often have to compare features against each other. One recommended approach that has been used several times for this is the Detect Balance ...
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Is my Homebrew Race, the Dragonewt, too Overpowered?

I've been working hours on top of hours on a race I'd like to call, a dragonewt. The problem is that I don't know if its traits are to overpowered, especially "infinite genius." I'm wondering if you ...
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Is this homebrew race, Agias, balanced?

I made the below D&D 5e race, just wondering if it's balanced compared to the other race options. Agias “It was stunning, I was just seconds away from a death by the goblin’s spear, when ...
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How can I remake or convert a wolfwere player character from AD&D 2e to D&D 5e?

I have a wolfwere from AD&D 2e that I would like to convert or remake in 5e rules. How can I remake or convert this character accurately? Do any of the D&D 5e rulebooks provide guidance on ...
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How strong is the tiefling's Infernal Legacy trait, and what should I consider when homebrewing a racial trait that replaces it?

(Related to this question: What are the playable D&D races in 5e, and where can I find them?) I am working on selecting all the available races/subraces for my 5th Edition campaign. Because I don'...
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How to tell good homebrew from bad homebrew [closed]

I find there's a lot of homebrew out there that has good presentation and seemingly good effort. But that doesn't make a homebrew good or bad. Balancing abilities thinking carefully about how it will ...
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Is this homebrew 'Outsider' race balanced?

I am currently editing a homebrew race that I have created, and after a good few versions, I believe I am coming to some semblance of a decent homebrew race. However, I fear that it may be unbalanced ...
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Is this homebrew Duergar subrace balanced?

I'm planning a campaign with an underdark-based homebrew setting, and I want to give them the option of Duergar as a race. Does this seem unbalanced, and are there any potential issues in particular ...
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Is this homebrew race with a day/night-dependent racial trait balanced? [closed]

I want to create a homebrew race for D&D, so that I may use it when I'll find a group (with the DM's approval, of course). The race is wolf related, so what I want to do is give them a night ...
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