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Can you shove your way out of a grapple?

The [grappled] condition also ends if an effect removes the grappled creature from the reach of the grappler... What's stopping the grapplee from shoving the grappler? I've read that you can shove ...
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Can Bigby's Hand move creatures that are Grappled into the air?

Bigby's hand can grapple via Grasping Hand. This allows: The hand attempts to grapple a Huge or smaller creature within 5 feet of it. You use the hand's Strength score to resolve the grapple. If ...
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Can you use the Telekinetic feat from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything to break grapples?

With the new 5e book, Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, there exists a new feat, Telekinetic (emphasis mine): You learn to move things with your mind, granting you the following benefits... As a bonus ...
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Can I get an ally out of grapple with Thunder Step?

Provided the ally is the same size or smaller than me, is within 5 feet of me and that there is space for him at the space I teleport to could I Thunder Step him out of grapple? Thunder Step: ...
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Can I use Watery Sphere to escape a grapple?

I'm theorizing a use of a spell to get out of grapple/restrain, for potential use in upcoming game. I'm playing a Warforged Artificer/Wizard and have low STR. When I am restrained by a grapple, if I ...
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In the One D&D Character Origins Playtest, does a grapple end if you shove the grappler away from you?

Say Alice grapples Bob. Bob then shoves Alice and pushes them 5 feet away. Which of the following occurs? A. The shove pushes the grappler out of range, breaking the grapple. B. Alice drags Bob with ...
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Does forced movement, as in Thunderwave, necessarily break a grapple? [duplicate]

Consider the situation with three characters: Gary the Grappler, Casey the Caster, and Victor the Victim. Gary has Victor grappled. Suddenly, Casey shows up to help Victor escape. He isn't strong ...
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Does moving a grappler away from its target break the grapple? [duplicate]

I had an unclear situation in one of my sessions. A monster grappled a PC adjacent to him. In the next turn, a PC cast Gust on the monster. After failing its strength check the monster was moved away ...
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Can forced movement expel a creature restrained by the spell Web?

Would the thorn whip cantrip pluck someone out of a web spell? Could a gust of wind spell push a creature out of the sticky mass of webbing?
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Does the grappled creature have to be the one that is moved in order to force the grapple to end, or can the grappler be the one that is moved? [duplicate]

The description of the grappled condition reads, in part: The condition also ends if an effect removes the grappled creature from the reach of the grappler or grappling effect, such as when a ...
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Does using thorn whip to pull an enemy who is grappling an ally break their grapple on that ally? [duplicate]

Assuming two medium humanoid types with 5ft reach are the grappler/grappled and the thorn whip pulls the grappler 10ft against their will towards the caster. Does this satisfy the conditions to end a ...
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