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What to do if a player expected much more than DM gave?

I was not the DM in this session, it was my GF, but she does not speak English so I'm here to ask for all of us. We've faced an issue we can't seem to solve. It was our 2nd game, none of us have ever ...
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What benefits does the Power Word Kill spell have?

A caster usually gets the ability to cast a Power Word Kill spell only at level 17. The HP of players and monsters at level 17 are significantly higher than 100. The player can’t find out the exact ...
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Would it be fair to use 1d30 (instead of rolling 2d20 and taking the higher die) for advantage rolls?

Would it be fair to use 1d30 - in place of 2d20 and taking the higher die - for advantage rolls? Recently I have acquired several d30 dice in a bag of factory seconds. I want to offer my players the ...
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How can I map a single d20 to a number of hits? (use case: Animate Objects)

The Problem Suppose we have a character using Animate Objects (D&D 5e) to animate 10 Tiny objects, and is attacking the same enemy with all of them. According to RAW, you'd make a separate attack ...
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Can a Rogue find an undetectable Trap?

While the title seems to already anwser the question on it's own (there's no way you can detect something undetectable), should that really be the case? Let's check three examples: Collapsing Floor ...
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Does Pathfinder 2e fix the “linear fighters, quadratic wizards” problem?

This question about the playtest got the answer "we just do not know it yet". More than a year after the publication, what it the final answer? (if making a comparison to DnD 5e helps, use ...
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How do broken legs and arms work?

In my campaign, we have traveled in the wilderness for a while. I made a slight mistake and my DM had me break my leg. However things got a little complicated after that, saying that none of us really ...
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Is this homebrew magic item that lets you add your Wisdom modifier to your AC (while attuned) balanced as a rare magic item?

I recently had an idea for a new item in 5e. This item is a cloak that lets you add your Wisdom modifier to your AC (requires attunement). I was thinking of making it a rare magic item, and I was ...
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Why are armor bonuses considered to break Bounded Accuracy?

It seems to be a common opinion that enchanted armor and shields break the concept of Bounded Accuracy and eventually lead to imbalanced fights. I've seen people in RPG.SE saying this, and the popular ...
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What does it mean to break Bounded Accuracy?

The term is often used to explain the nature of 5e in comparison to other, earlier editions. Is there a good description or explanation of what this actually does include and mean? And what is meant ...
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How to justify Expertise? [closed]

Apologies - I am still stuck up with Bounded Accuracy and Expertise. As far as I understand from the answers about what it means to break bounded accuracy, from the related Q&As about how bonuses ...
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How can I appropriately scale the DC for the Madness Effect from the Sunken Asylum adventure for Pathfinder when converting it to D&D 5e?

I'm a D&D 5e system GM who runs a West Marches style campaign where I run a session a week with all sorts of adventures. This means I borrow a lot from the internet and quite often take monsters ...
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What is the expected damage / to hit / saving throw / DC per level?

While reading through monster stats and 1st edition adventures, I noticed that at some point, PCs should dish out 2dX instead of only 1dX damage; else, an adequate monster will become a serious threat ...
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Chances on ability checks don't seem to add up [duplicate]

I'm going through the Dungeon Master's Guide, and I see that DCs should be based on the "average person". What I'm having a hard time with is that if someone has a +5 modifier to their History checks ...
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Would this Point Buy method be unbalanced? [closed]

I’m wanting to create a very unique character based around stat creation. The resulting character would be physically and mentally inept at all stats except one. Which stat is not the question but ...
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