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What is the relative return point (i.e. the "space it left") of a creature banished by the Banishment spell?

When the banishment spell ends on a creature, it "reappears in the space it left". How do the rules handle the reference point to this space? I'm well aware I can just choose how to resolve this as ...
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Do spell effects move if the object they are cast on moves?

let's suppose that I cast a Silent image of a wall on an airship. Let's suppose that I don't move it with concentration. Does the image of the wall move with the airship or it will progressively go ...
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Can the Silence spell be cast on a character or object that can then be moved?

A PC Cleric wants to cast the silence spell on one of the two PC Fighters in their party so that the Fighters can enter a room to kill orcs without having the noise of the battle alarm orcs in other ...
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How does the Blink spell work on moving vehicles?

During a combat that takes place on top of a moving vehicle (let's say a bus moving at 60 feet per round), What happens if you use the spell blink? The blink spell description states that: At the ...
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Can I cast Hallow on a ship?

This came up recently in a session: Our cleric thought it would be a great idea if he made our airship hallowed. The description of the hallow spell says: You touch a point and infuse an area ...
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Does "a point you choose" include any movable surface?

I read somewhere that spells like Darkness and Silence, where the effect of the spell spreads from a point I choose within range, can be cast on the surface of a moveable item. But after extensive ...
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Is it possible for Leomund's Tiny Hut to be lifted?

I've been trying to come up with creative ways to get around Leomund's Tiny Hut and another idea recently came to me. When I first started, I had looked into burrowing creatures that would penetrate ...
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Would the Magnificent Mansion if cast on a moving object remain where it was cast or stay with the object?

The question has arisen in my mind on whether when a mage has cast a Magnificent Mansion (5e) while on an object that is in motion (boat, airship, giant alpaca, etc), would the doorway to the Mansion ...
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What happens to Wall of Fire if the surface moves [duplicate]

The situation I am wondering about is if Wall of Fire is cast upon a wall and then the wall either falls over or crumbles. Would the wall of fire remain floating in the air? Would it disappear? Would ...
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Can Silent Image move with a character?

I have a halfling who is wearing a black hood covering his head in a moving carriage. Can I cast Silent Image and present an image of myself with the hood on, but actually take the hood off while ...
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