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Does a hierarchy of specificity exist when using "specific beats general" to resolve rules conflicts? [duplicate]

The Introduction (page 7) of the 5e Player's Handbook states That said, many racial traits, class features, spells, magic items, monster abilities, and other game elements break the general rules in ...
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What is the source of the "spells do only what they say they do" rules interpretation principle?

Every time somebody asks a question like "can I use X spell for doing Y" the answer is usually "no" because spell descriptions are very short in 5e, and usually they don't ...
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Can a paralyzed creature targeted by an Evocation Wizard's Sculpt Spells feature actually succeed a Dex save?

Say a friendly barbarian is currently paralyzed. Part of the description of the paralyzed condition says: The creature automatically fails Strength and Dexterity saving throws. Its friend, the ...
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How can I resurrect a creature that died entirely by starvation or dehydration?

The section of the rules on food and water states that exhaustion resulting from starvation or dehydration cannot be cured until the cause has been eliminated (emphasis added): Characters who don't ...
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Can a spell with a target of Self be stored in Glyph of Warding?

When using Glyph of Warding to store a spell, it gives the following restriction on what spells can be stored: You can store a prepared spell of 3rd level or lower in the glyph by casting it as ...
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Do attack rolls against a blinded character with the Alert feat have advantage?

Premise A character with the Alert feat (PHB, p. 165) has been blinded and is being attacked. One of the benefits of Alert is: Other creatures don’t gain advantage on attack rolls against you as a ...
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Curse of Strahd - Does NPC ability trump Inspiration rule?

In Curse of Strahd, the players can encounter an NPC with a special ability. Since this ability is an action, it can potentially be used every combat round. Is the NPC's use of this ability supposed ...
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How does the Enlarge/Reduce spell interact with the Oversized Weapons rule when you Enlarge a Medium size creature with a medium weapon to Large size?

The Enlarge option of the spell (PHB, p. 237) says about the weapon: "The target's weapons also grow to match its new size. While these weapons are enlarged, the target's attacks with them deal ...
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Does Cartomancer's Hidden Ace require you to expend a spell slot?

The new Cartomancer feat from The Book of Many Things has a feature, Hidden Ace, that says "when you finish a long rest, you can choose one spell from your class's spell list and imbue that spell ...
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Can Warforged doff Cast-Off Armor in a single action?

Xanathar's Guide to Everything includes this fun magical armor variant, Cast-Off Armor, which can be doffed in a single action (see XGE p136): You can doff this armor as an action. This is generally ...
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Is there a functional difference between having a listed climb speed and being able to climb at full walking speed?

The normal rules for climbing state that: Each foot of movement costs 1 extra foot (2 extra feet in difficult terrain) when you’re climbing, swimming, or crawling. You ignore this extra cost if you ...
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Is there any way to fake/conceal your identity when casting Sending?

I'm playing in a campaign that involves an interdimensional hub of sorts, wherein adventuring parties are given missions and teleported across space/dimensions to the location. Upon completion, in ...
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How do Giant's Might feature and Enlarge/Reduce spell interact?

Rune Knight's Giant's Might states: If you are smaller than Large, you become Large, along with anything you are wearing. (Note: I am linking to the UA because it is freely available and has the ...
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What happens when a creature drops to 0 hit points without taking damage?

The rules on dropping to 0 hit points (PHB p. 197) almost entirely depend on taking damage. The section begins as follows: When you drop to 0 hit points, you either die outright or fall unconscious, ...
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Who sets the difficulty class test?

I was reading the player's book and in many parts of the book it says The test is determined by the difficulty of the class I read it several times and can't understand if the difficulty class is ...
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