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The power level of the Sword of Sharpness doesn't justify its very rare rating - am I missing something?

After asking this question about the Sword of Sharpness, I was presented with this answer which distinguishes between the two main features of the Sword of Sharpness: Feature 1 (emphasis mine): When ...
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Why is this uncommon magic item better than this rare magic item?

From what I understand, uncommon magic items are less valuable than rare items in terms of functional power and monetary value. From the DMG (pg. 135), uncommon items are worth 101–500 gp while rare ...
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Handy Haversack vs. Bag of Holding

The Bag of Holding (DMG pg.153) is an uncommon magic item and has a significantly greater volume than any of the pouches (or even all combined) of Heward's Handy Haversack (DMG pg.174), which is rare. ...
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What is the reasoning behind the Ring of Invisibility being Legendary? [closed]

I mean, seriously, it's not "The One Ring", which came with its own set of problems for the benefit of making its wearer invisible. Invisibility is a 2nd lvl spell (Duration 1 min) although the ...
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What should the rarity rating be for this homebrew Healing Brick?

I read about this item on reddit (with a different name) a while ago and planned to implement this in my campaign, but I'm unsure what its rarity should be. Healing Brick As an action, make ...
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What makes Arcane Propulsion Arm so powerful that it's categorized as Very Rare?

Arcane Propulsion Arm is basically a thrown weapon with the returning property. An artificer could make a +1 yklwa, and it'd be stronger than an Arcane Propulsion Arm, though it'd have half the range. ...
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How is the power of a magic item measured according to the rules?

Premise The DMG states a relation to a magic item's power, it's rarity, and character level. Rarity provides a rough measure of an item's power relative to other magic items. Each rarity ...
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What are the mechanical differences between the uncommon Medallion of Thoughts and the rare Potion of Mind Reading?

An uncommon Medallion of Thoughts lets you cast detect thoughts up to three times a day, while a rare Potion of Mind Reading is a one-use item. Are there any mechanical advantages to using the more ...
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Is this magic Ranger amulet balanced?

Item description The following item was made with a 5th level ranger in mind. The goal was to create an item that is mechanically fitting, and combat-relevant but not a weapon or armor. Amulet of the ...
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What should be the rarity of this Homebrew Critical Chance Item?

Several classes have access to features that improve the likelihood of rolling a Critical Hit, such as the Improved Critical feature of the Champion Fighter. All of these abilities, however, are ...
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How rare is this artificer magic item I created? [closed]

One of my backup characters is a level 10 gnome artificer and has some self made magic items, but I roleplay it as if it's a technological swiss army knife with different functions with 3 buttons. (...
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Item Balance: Does this magical watch fit within the Rare category?

I am adding a unique magic item to my game, but I want it to fall within the Rare category, and I'm not sure how to judge that in this case. Silver Chronometer This silver pocket-watch is inscribed ...
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