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What is the highest solo ability check result at level 19?

Highest possible ability check is discussed in this QA. However, answers to that are rather extreme. I am looking for a value that is, hopefully, more grounded, and might realistically happen in any ...
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Can a Rogue find an undetectable Trap?

While the title seems to already anwser the question on it's own (there's no way you can detect something undetectable), should that really be the case? Let's check three examples: Collapsing Floor ...
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What is the maximum possible Stealth bonus?

I realised we do not have a version of this rather (in)famous optimization problem: What is the maximum possible bonus to a Dexterity (Stealth) check? Bonus is here taken to mean anything that is ...
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Is stealth roll required each round in order to stay hidden?

I've been wondering this and been searching this site and I think I didn't find any answers. I am asking if each turn if one attempts to stay hidden, must he use action every round (out of combat or ...
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Gaining the maximum bonus to your Counterspell check?

Counterspell checks are unmodified Ability Checks made when the spell you are attempting to stop is higher level than your Counterspell: If it is casting a spell of 4th level or higher, make an ...
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What Options are Available to Increase Performance Checks by Guaranteed Amounts?

In partial reference to my first post, I'm looking to improve my rolls for Charisma (Performance). As a side note, I learned that my DM's homebrewed magic item was only a slightly homebrewed version ...
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How do you convert a Diplomacy roll in a 3.5e adventure to 5e?

Looking through a 3.5e adventure it mentions a Diplomacy roll: Give the PCs a minute to explain themselves to the lich, at the end of which one of them can make a Diplomacy check in an attempt to ...
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What creatures give bonuses to Medicine rolls/checks?

I am currently using a Druid in a campaign. I want to know what creatures, if any, there are that I can Polymorph or Wild Shape (5e Druid ability allowing druids to transform temporarily into Beasts) ...
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What is the highest average charisma skill check a solo character can get, without directly using magic?

I was building a character that had levels in Fey Wanderer Ranger, that gains Otherworldly Glamour which allows you to add wisdom to charisma checks, and then I noticed Samurai fighters get Elegant ...
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What is the highest average roll you can get with artisan's tools?

For theoretical optimization I want to create a character with artisan's tools: Using any official or UA content, magic items, classes, feats, any amount of time or preparation, any party ...
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What is the lowest modifier you can have on a skill check (while staying within official rules)?

I was watching some Critical Role last night, and one of the players had a -3 modifier to Insight (his Wisdom score of 7 didn't help). And that made me wonder: What would be the lowest modifier you ...
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What spells, items, and abilities improve wisdom ability checks? [closed]

My level 3 cleric is trying to cast a level 5 spell-scroll, and to optimize the chances of success, I want to stack as many positive ability check buffs on him as possible. Preferrably lower-level/...
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Can you retroactively increase your Stealth roll while hiding?

The rules for hiding (PHB 177) has an interesting clause, which makes it distinct from many other contests. When you try to hide, make a Dexterity (Stealth) check. Until you are discovered or you ...
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