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When rolling with disadvantage what is the chance to get a 1? [duplicate]

When you roll with disadvantage is the chance to get a 1 5+5 for 10% or 5X5 for 25%? Just sat down and rolled 100 times with disadvantage got 18 natural 1s and 0 natural 20s. Still don't know.
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What is the net effect from advantage or disadvantage on to hit chance? [duplicate]

For many character build calculations, it is valuable to know how much to hit chance is added by advantage (or removed by disadvantage). This differs depening on the number required for a hit on the ...
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How should a DM resolve a smooth-talking player with a weak Charisma score PC? [closed]

If a player is naturally a smooth-talker, does well with on-the-spot dialogue, is instinctively persuasive, and is overall great in social situations, but role-plays a character with a poor Charisma ...
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Mathematically, is a +2 bonus to AC better than attackers having disadvantage?

Mathematically speaking, I'm trying to determine if Bracers of Defense (AC+2) is better than a Cloak of Displacement, which causes all attackers to have disadvantage on attack rolls against you. If ...
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What is the difference between giving advantage on a roll and reducing the DC?

I run a 5e campaign, and I like rewarding my players for thinking outside the box, roleplaying well, etc. Suppose we have the following scenario: Violet is a bard, and is attempting to intimidate a ...
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Without Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, how to make Drow cleric competitive?

In my next campaign I'll be exploring the idea of a male drow cleric. We are using the standard array, and that leaves me with a maximum score of 15 in my spellcasting ability, and racial increases to ...
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Would this house-rule that treats advantage as a +1 to the roll instead (and disadvantage as -1) and allows them to stack be balanced?

I've been playing Open Legend RPG and I love that the Advantage in that game can be stacked. I love it when players try to strategize and stack as much advantage as possible. I want to do this in D&...
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Can you lower your AC on purpose?

For roleplaying reasons I would like to make a NPC appear weaker than it actually is. When the players first fight it, it should seem to have a very low AC and miss many attacks. Is this possible in ...
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How to encourage players to state approach and goal, rather than asking for skill checks? [closed]

Or, to phrase the question as a negative, "How do I stop players asking to make rolls?" An example, from a couple of weeks ago. Me: You see a pile of bodies at the end of the field. Player: ...
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Which feat, Resilient (Con) or War Caster, improves the chances of maintaining concentration more?

The Resilient feat (PHB, p. 168) allows you to increase one ability score by 1 and gain proficiency in saving throws using the corresponding ability. In essence, taking the Resilient feat and picking ...
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If a secret door is noticed with a DC 10 Wisdom (Perception) roll, don't most characters notice it passively?

In one of the published 5e campaigns there is a secret door that: can be noticed with a successful DC 10 Wisdom (Perception) check. The way I read this and the way I understand passive perception,...
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Can someone decide to be hit?

In this question, I asked about whether a character could willingly not use their shield or Dex bonus on certain attacks due to wanting to be hit. This raises the greater question- Can someone decide ...
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Does using Sharpshooter really remove Advantage?

I was browsing an older question recently thanks to a duplicate, and I found that the accepted answer for that question said something odd: Sounds obvious. When you have advantage, there is a good ...
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Do two simultaneous castings of Guidance increase the likelihood of a better outcome?

The guidance cantrip says the following (PHB, pg. 248): You touch one willing creature. Once before the spell ends, the target can roll a d4 and add the number rolled to one ability check of its ...
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Differences between 5th Edition D&D and Pathfinder?

4th Edition took D&D on a very different path from 3.5, and Pathfinder (often referred to by players as 3.75) filled the niche of the continued evolution of the 3.x system. I enjoy Pathfinder ...
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