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What happens when a non paladin casts a find steed spell from a ring of spell storing [duplicate]

A paladin casts Find Steed into a ring of Spell Storing. Another character then casts the Find Steed spell from the ring. The ring definition says that the spell uses the casting level, save DC etc of ...
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Who controls a summoned steed’s familiar?

The spell Find Steed allows you to cast a spell and have it also effect your steed. While mounted on your steed, you can make any spell you cast that targets only you also target your steed. In ...
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What is Rule Zero? [closed]

What is "Rule Zero" as it relates to D&D 5e? I read How has D&D's guidance to DMs on when to extrapolate from written rules and when to improvise changed over time?, but it only ...
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Can a caster that cast Polymorph on themselves stop concentrating at any point even if their Int is low?

I was playing a moon druid and cast the polymorph spell on myself, changing me into a T-Rex, which caused my Int to become 2 and my Wis 12. I realized my targets had immunity to non-magical damage ...
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What happens to a conjured creature when the caster of the spell that conjures it loses access to that spell?

This is already something of an edge case, and the intuitive answer would seem to be that the creature vanishes, right? But I'm interested in whether that is the case when certain items are involved. ...
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Can beasts benefit from magic items?

Can a non-player beast benefit from a magic item's effects? For example, would a cat that was wearing a headband of intellect get the extra intelligence the item gives?
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Can my familiar use a Ring of Spell Storing?

Can the familiar options from the Pact of the Chain warlock (quasit, imp, sprite, pseudodragon) attune with a ring of spell storing? If so, can I cast a spell requiring concentration into the ring ...
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Can an animal attune to a magic item?

We have previously determined that an awakened creature or a familiar can attune to magic items, but one of those is a sapient creature, and the other "always obeys your commands". A paladin's steed (...
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Can a familiar's greater steed(s) 'Reincarnate' with a Ring of Spell Storing?

Can a flock of Pegasii summoned mounts Reincarnate any humanoid with a (properly loaded) Ring of Spell Storing? The points below are not really new per se but rather a cumulative-inductive discovery ...
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Can a spell storing ring give a whole party Greater steeds? [duplicate]

This came up in a game the other night, it seems broken but I can't find anything that says it's not allowed. A party member has "Find Greater steed" and casts it into a spell storing ring. Another ...
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