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What happens when allies occupy the same space?

According to "Moving Around Other Creatures" (PH p. 191 / SRD p. 92): You can move through a nonhostile creature’s space. [...] another creature’s space is difficult terrain for you. Whether a ...
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If you know the location of an invisible creature, can you attack it?

Let's say a barbarian named Boomtar is in a room with stalkers and can’t see them because they are invisible and stealthy. Boomtar bravely lunges forward and happens to run into the stalker. May ...
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What happens when your movement is set to zero while attempting to move through a friendly space?

Say Anne is 10 ft away from and fighting Grogo the dwarf fighter, Grogo has Sentinel and Polearm Master. Grogo still has his reaction. Anne has a reach weapon, so she and Grogo are pretty much on a ...
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How many creatures fit on a Carpet of Flying during combat?

The Carpet of Flying comes in four sizes. To keep it simple, let's just look at the smallest carpet, which is 3 feet by 5 feet in size, can carry 200 lb., and has a fly speed of 80. It can carry twice ...
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What happens if you start your turn in an occupied location?

Based on the answer in this question Can you use the pull effect of Thorn Whip if the enemy is within 5'? if a creature is unwillingly pushed/pulled/dropped or otherwise forced to end its turn in ...
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How can creatures fight in cramped spaces like on a boat?

The rowboat in the core rules is stated to weigh 100 pounds. It is further described in Ghosts of Saltmarsh to be large enough for 4 creatures (2 crew, 2 passengers), and sized 10 feet by 5 feet. This ...
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Can a Druid pull a target through other creatures with Thorn Whip?

What blocks the "pull" from Thorn Whip? Thorn Whip: ...and if the creature is Large or smaller, you pull the creature up to 10 feet closer to you. As a specific example, the druid pulls a creature ...
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If a creature starts their turn in another's space, are they forced to move out? [duplicate]

Inspired by this question: Can a Druid pull a target through other creatures with Thorn Whip? That Q&A concludes that it is possible for two creatures to unwillingly share the same space; for ...
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Can you do anything after moving into an occupied space?

This is inspired by and is a branching off of the question "Move into nonhostile space attack and move" The section on "Moving Around Other Creatures" states: [...] Whether a ...
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Under what conditions might you end your move in another creature's space?

In the section on combat, the PHB p191 says "Whether a creature is a friend or an enemy, you can’t willingly end your move in its space." Even in combat, are there specific rules that ...
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