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"Free" Metamagic for necromantic incantatrixes?

Weird, weird combination with many splat-books and Dragon magazine, with a heavy focus on Libris Mortis. Preface Fell Frighten (Libris Mortis, p27) feat: You can alter a spell that deals damage to ...
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Can you turn a spell into an area spell?

Let me preface this by saying I'm pretty much a complete newb when it comes to the Vancian spellcasting subsystem, so sorry if this one has an obvious answer I just don't know about. Is there a way ...
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By the rules, can you gain "extra" of something you didn’t have before?

KRyan's answer to the question "Which, if any, parts of the Locate City Bomb are dubious by RAW?" discusses the use of the term "extra" as follows (emphasis mine): The benefits section does say ...
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What other spells can power the Locate City Bomb?

The locate city bomb is a series of metamagic feats you can apply to a the locate city spell to do high damage over a very wide area. Typical process: Cast locate city from Races of Destiny. Use the ...
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How to Adjudicate the Snowcasting feat?

I have a player who wants to take the Snowcasting feat. But before he does he wants to know how I will rule on the matter. Snowcasting (General) You add ice or snow to your spell's components ...
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Can I keep the effect of the Algid Enhancment spell if the Mantle of the Icy Soul spell ends?

The description of the Algid Enhancement spell (Frostburn, p. 88) says You energize cold creatures with a surge of coldfire. Creatures with the cold subtype affected by this spell gain a +1 ...
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What happens if a druid uses Share Spells to share a spell that blocks extraordinary abilities with their companion?

Yesterday my druid used Share Spell to cast Primal Form (Spell Compendium, p. 161) on her brown bear companion for the nice earth form damage reduction. But after re-reading the spell, we started to ...
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What RPG concepts does "rules as written" encompass?

The term "rules as written" (or RAW) gets thrown about fairly often in RPG circles, especially around D&D. But what does it actually mean? Is RAW an analysis technique? A playstyle? An entire ...
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Can a Wizard cast a spell strong as a small nuke?

Is it possible, by pure game rules, that a wizard become capable of casting a explosion-like spell so strong that can be compared to a small Nuke? By small Nuke I mean: completely destroy a small ...
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What's the duration of these wild feats?

The Benefit of the Complete Divine wild feat Serpent's Venom says You can spend a usage of wild shape to gain a secondary bite attack (at your base attack bonus −5 and adding 1/2 your Strength bonus) ...
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What is available to mitigate the damage of physical blows?

I am working on creating a "Tank" character, of course the goal is to prevent the party to be hit, rather than getting hit, but obviously getting hit is likely and the character should survive hits as ...
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What is wrong with the D&D 3.5 FAQ?

I've heard from several places that the D&D 3.5 FAQ is generally a bad place to find information about the rules of the game. I don't really understand this distrust, since it's an official ...
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Performing actions while falling

If a character falls from a great height and has a skill or item that may save them if used early enough, how does one determine where in the fall the item is used? Depending on the reason for the ...
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