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How do my spells work when multi-classing Ranger and Druid? [duplicate]

I've been reading through posts online and the multi-classing rules over the last couple of hours. And good lord, either I'm an idiot (highly likely) or this stuff is tough. Anyway: In a campaign I'm ...
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How are spell slots for an Eldritch Knight fighter 3/Arcane Trickster rogue 3 determined? [duplicate]

The multi-classing rules subsection on spell slots says: Spell Slots. You determine your available spell slots by adding together all your levels in the bard, cleric, druid, sorcerer, and wizard ...
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What spell slots should I have with Paladin 7 / Sorcerer 7? [duplicate]

The basic 5e Roll20 sheet is showing 2 slots for lvl 5 and 3 slots for lvl 4, but that doesn't seem right. I read the section on multiclassing and spell slots and I still don't understand why it shows ...
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How many spell slots does a multiclassed Cleric (4 levels)/Fighter (Eldritch Knight) (1 level) have? [duplicate]

Okay, I'm trying to figure out the number of spell slots a character should have that has 4 levels of Cleric and 1 level of Fighter with the Eldritch Knight Martial Archetype, and my interpretation ...
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How does spell slot progression work with multiclassing? [duplicate]

I don't understand how spell slot progression works with a multi-class character. For example, if I had a level 3 melee class, then decided to go multi-class caster, how does the spell slot ...
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Would a multiclassed Arcane Trickster rogue 3 / wizard 1 have only three 1st-level spell slots? [duplicate]

I am new to multiclassing and new to spells with 5e. Currently I am a Level 3 Rogue (Arcane Trickster) and just leveled up to level 4. For my fourth level, I was going to put a level into the wizard ...
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Wizard 5 / Eldritch Knight 3 [duplicate]

I’m having trouble finding the answer to my exact question after extensive searching on here and other places. I am currently a Level 3 Wizard / Level 1 Fighter. I aim to focus on my wizard levels but ...
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How many spell slots does a Paladin/Warlock multiclassed character get? [duplicate]

I am playing a Level 8 Paladin Warlock Multiclass (5 Paladin / 3 Warlock levels) in DnD 5e. I am little confused over multiclassing with spell slots. If I understood correctly I have 3 first level ...
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How do you determine your available spell slots as a Wizard/Sorcerer multiclassing? [duplicate]

When you multiclass as a sorc and a wizard, you add the two classes together and that determines your spell slots. This is one combined table of available slots that both casters share, or does the ...
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Spell Slots at Paladin 5/Sorcerer 1 [duplicate]

I've started a new campaign group, with a Paladin main, but starting to spec into Sorcerer, with currently 4 1st level , and 2 2nd level spell slots, however my dm is not sure if that's correct, and ...
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How do paladin and ranger class levels add up for multiclass spellcasting?

From page 164 of the PHB (here is the equivalent section of the Basic Rules): Spell Slots. You determine your available spell slots by adding together all your levels in the bard, cleric, druid, ...
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How does multiclassing work for an artificer?

I am making a character for a campaign that is starting soon. The character is going to start out as a cleric (War Domain) and will multiclass into artificer (Battle Smith). I have looked at the ...
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Can a multiclassed warlock expend a Spellcasting spell slot of a non-warlock class to use the Eldritch Smite invocation?

Can a multiclassed Warlock use a spell slot from the Spellcasting feature of a non-Warlock class to perform Eldritch Smites? Eldritch Smite says: Once per turn when you hit a creature with your ...
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If I multiclass into 2 or more spellcasting classes, how do I determine my known/prepared spells?

If I multiclass into 2 or more classes/subclasses that can cast spells, how do I determine what spells I know or can prepare? For instance, if I am playing a multiclassed character with 1 level in ...
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Multiclass Paladin + Pact Magic = What paladin spells can I prepare and cast?

I'm sure this has been asked somewhere already, but I couldn't find it. Let's say I'm Paladin 5 / Warlock 7. When I ...
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