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How are Fighters Linear but Wizards Quadratic?

The phrase "Linear Fighters, Quadratic Wizards" gets bandied about a lot, but I've found I don't have a good way to explain it to newer players. The tier system post has some examples of how wizards ...
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Are 3.5 Bards mechanically weak?

People frequently seem to think that Bards are mechanically weaker than other classes, and I was wondering if this was true?
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Can you light magically created grease on fire?

I have a forum-based Pathfinder campaign where one of the players would like to light grease created by a Grease spell on fire. Can this type of grease be lit?
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Is there any way to increase the number of spells I can cast per day as a wizard?

I know about the bonus spells per day you get from your INT modifier and the specializing bonus. Is there any other way to get more spell casts per day? Just to make sure I have this right, as a ...
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Can the spell Shocking Grasp damage more than one target at the same time?

I am curious about the extent of damage from the spell Shocking Grasp. According to the spell it targets the person touched. This is clear to me. The questions I have are: Does the electricity from ...
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Does this fix the "Quadratic Wizards" problem in Pathfinder? [closed]

I am planning a Pathfinder campaign which I hope to reach higher level play (at least 15+, maybe up to 25th level.). I see a lot of concern about spell casters in 3.0/3.5/Pathfinder becoming "god-...
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Will these low-level sorcerer spells and abilities stay useful for a high-level Pathfinder rogue?

I am playing a Pathfinder rogue, currently at level 1 but soon to progress. The character backstory is that he has always thought he had "magical ancestors", even though he's just a street urchin ...
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What are some feats that are required to maximize eldritch blast damage output?

I am working on a warlock build for my next campaign and I am having trouble finding feats that would apply and boost Warlock's eldritch blast damage output. This is because Warlock is not a ...
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Ring of the Ram and (Any) Golem 3.5 D&D

Golems, pretty terrifying in their own right (and, I've heard, broken in design), are immune to any spells or spell-like abilities that allow spell resistance and have DR 5-15 / adamantine (and ...
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Using Readied actions and the grease spell for sneak attacks in pathfinder

My group has played 3.5 for quite a bit, and now we are with pathfinder. One of us likes to play rogue,and is used to work in tandem with our wizard to take advantage of grease in order to land ...
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