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What do the terms "lines" and "veils" mean?

I have seen the terms "lines" and "veils" used on this SE (including on the chat) a number of times, especially in terms of social contracts between players. What do these terms mean? What is ...
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Dealing with a Repeatedly Cheating Friend

I'm the GM of a long-running online Vampire: the Masquerade campaign. Three years ago, we had a new (and young) player who cheated on dice rolls. I kicked him out. A while later, he messaged me to ...
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Accepting criticism as a DM

I've been running two campaigns as a DM for about 7 or 8 months at this point. I've been running it with 2 different groups. The problem that I'm facing, currently, is the perception, from some ...
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How to stop a player from looking up monster stat blocks in combat?

In my 5th edition Eberron campaign I have a player who is determined to metagame in combat which makes it really hard for the others to actually get much enjoyment. Recently the problem player gained ...
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How to describe & roleplay past torture, prejudice and gender discrimination without upsetting fellow players too much?

In the next adventure I'm going to play a drow male, who was casually bullied, whipped etc. by females of the drow society. That's how that society works, after all. It's in the books. He now has a ...
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How can I combine very different role-playing systems with D&D 5e?

I'm planning on making a D&D 5e campaign for my friends so they can experience what an okay DM is like rather than a bias and railroading DM which is so far their only experience of Dungeons and ...
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Are aftercare/feedback techniques for play by chat different to in person play, and how does it work when we all have a tight schedule?

I regularly play in a game via real time chat. We all have tight schedules, and can only make a two-hour slot. Recently I've been interested in the concept of aftercare techniques or other ways of ...
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How can I add more roleplay to the game I'm DMing when not all players want that?

This is mainly just a question I decided to ask out of curiosity because sometimes I can get bored of a campaign and I wouldn't want to end it because the players could still be enjoying themselves. ...
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How can I make the endings of game sessions exciting?

When I run game sessions, they start with a bang, a lot of action and the story keeps moving, but by the end of hour 2, they have slowed to a crawl, not a lot is happening, etc. How can I manage this ...
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Which game mechanics have measurably higher risk of causing spotlight imbalance?

At different times, I have encountered statements that this or that game-mechanical phenomenon should be avoided because it leads to spotlight imbalance and/or narrative imbalance. To clarify the ...
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