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What is the source of the "spells do only what they say they do" rules interpretation principle?

Every time somebody asks a question like "can I use X spell for doing Y" the answer is usually "no" because spell descriptions are very short in 5e, and usually they don't ...
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Do/did any major RPGs have "hidden rules" or "spells that do things other than what they say"?

It is extremely common for answers on this site to quote either "There are no hidden rules", "Spells do only what they say they do", or often both (example), almost always ...
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Do vampires gain exhaustion during a chase?

The DMG Says the following about dashing during a chase: During the chase, a participant can freely use the Dash action a number of times equal to 3 + its Constitution modifier. Each additional Dash ...
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Would the breath of a red dragon set anything on fire?

The description of the breath (here from the adult red dragon, but apart from damage amounts and save DCs, they are all the same) says: The dragon exhales fire in a 60-foot cone. Each creature in ...
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What happens to a conjured creature when the caster of the spell that conjures it loses access to that spell?

This is already something of an edge case, and the intuitive answer would seem to be that the creature vanishes, right? But I'm interested in whether that is the case when certain items are involved. ...
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What happens to the prepared spells of a wizard who dies and then is brought back to life?

I can't find anything on what happens to the prepared spells of a caster who dies. I did find this about a PC's attunement to their magic items: A creature's attunement to an item ends if the ...
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How many creatures fit on a Carpet of Flying during combat?

The Carpet of Flying comes in four sizes. To keep it simple, let's just look at the smallest carpet, which is 3 feet by 5 feet in size, can carry 200 lb., and has a fly speed of 80. It can carry twice ...
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Can a Knowledge cleric using the Channel Divinity: Read Thoughts feature to cast the Suggestion spell be perceived, for the purposes of Counterspell?

The Knowledge Domain cleric's Channel Divinity: Read Thoughts feature (PHB, p. 59-60) lets you read a creature's surface thoughts, and states that while you do so: During that time, you can use your ...
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Mage Slayer saving throw advantage vs Web spell

So the Mage Slayer feat says: You have advantage on saving throws against spells cast by creatures within 5 feet of you If a caster were to use web on a Mage Slayer user, does the Mage Slayer have ...
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Am I correctly understanding how the Barbarian's Danger Sense feature works?

I've heard a lot about how a Rogue's specialty is disarming traps, even going as far as online DMs suggesting Rogues always use the Investigation action to watch for those traps. And while I do not ...
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How fragile is a clone, regardless of maturity? What if it was cast via Wish?

How easy is it to render a clone invalid to be used as a soul receptacle, regardless of its maturity? The Clone spell says It [the clone] remains inert and endures indefinitely, as long as its vessel ...
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Does Revivify work on trapped souls?

Nearly all the resurrection spells state that your soul has to be free and willing to be revived. The DMG on page 24 further states that A soul can't be returned to life if it doesn't wish to be, so ...
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Can someone tell who used the Improved Warding Flare class feature?

This came up regarding using Improved Warding Flare (Light Domain Cleric) during a fight to help someone in the fight, by a person not involved in the fight, and whether or not an observer could tell ...
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Can you put a Rod of the Pact Keeper or All-Purpose Tool into a Wand Sheath?

Is it possible to put objects that are roughly in the same dimension and serve the same purpose as a wand into Wand Sheathes? Things like Rods, All-Purpose Tools, Sprig of Mistletoe, Holy Symbols, ...
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How flexible is the movement of loose earth via the Mold Earth cantrip?

Published on page 162 of Xanathar's Guide to Everything, the first bullet point of Mold Earth states: "If you target an area of loose earth, you can instantaneously excavate it, move it along ...
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