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3.5 D&D Mystic Theurge Specialist Wizard banned spells [duplicate]

If one is playing a Mystic Theurge in 3.5 and the Wizard side has school specialization, would the banned schools also be affected on the cleric side. If you had banned Enchantment and Illusion would ...
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What Wizard schools are best to specialize in? Which schools are best to sacrifice? [closed]

The Wizard gains the ability to specialize in a school of spells, gaining a bonus spell slot per level that must be used to prepare spells of that school. In exchange, he must ban two other schools; ...
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Can a wizard use wands and scrolls of spells from his prohibited schools of magic?

Can a wizard use wands and scrolls of spells from his prohibited schools of magic? i.e: Can an abjurer who banned evocation and enchantment use a wand or scroll of fireball (an evocation spell) ...
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Does the Necromancer's Skeletal Minion prevent familiars gained from other sources?

Among the Wizard's Necromancer variants is the Skeletal Minion feature, which says (among other things): A 1st-level necromancer using this variant can begin play with an undead minion (a human ...
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If my Initiator Level is high enough, can I take Stances of a level higher than 1st when I take my first level in a martial adept class?

Usually, a martial adept’s Initiator Level is equal to his class level, plus his class level in any maneuver-granting Prestige Classes, plus half his level in all other classes. This means a ...
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How does the ki pool class feature work when there are two sources, one of which has restrictions?

One of my players wants to play a monk with the scarred monk archetype which specifically states that he may only use his ki pool to power a ki strike and the archetype-specific powers. He then wants ...
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Learning from Prohibited Schools

My character has only a few years to live and wants to become a lich. Lich-friendly spells tend to be in Necromancy but I specialized in Conjuration and forbid Necromancy/Enchant instead of Illusion/...
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Does Psicrystal Containment prevent a Psicrystal with the Wild Talent feat from psionically focusing itself?

You can spend a full-round action attempting to psionically focus your psicrystal. At any time when you need to expend your psionic focus, you can expend your psicrystal’s psionic focus instead, as ...
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Does a multiclassing with the Master of Many Styles and Free Style Fighter allow more active stances at once?

Both Master of Many Style and Free Style Fighter allow the character to use several stances in the same time. If a character has, for example, 3 levels as Free Style Fighter and 1 as Master of Many ...
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What's the impact of extra domains on a shugenja/cleric?

Extra Domains, in part, says Several of the prestige classes described in this chapter allow a member of that class to select an additional domain, which gives an additional granted power and offers ...
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Do Psion and Ardent power points and powers stack?

The description of the psion class says: Every psion must decide at 1st level which psionic discipline he will specialize in. Choosing a discipline provides a psion with access to the class ...
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Does a cleric's alignment restriction extend to spells learned via multiclassing into an arcane spellcasting class?

A Cleric can only cast spells of the same alignment to his own or his deity’s. However, what happens when a character multiclasses into another spellcasting class? Does the Cleric's alignment ...
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What happens when a class power is lost and then gained again from another source? [closed]

Example: a character has access to the smite ability from class A that he then has to lose to gain another ability (like a feat). He then takes a level in class B that also gives smite. Can he use ...
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