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How does rolling two d20 and taking the higher affect the average outcome?

D&D 5E has an "advantage" concept where instead of rolling 1d20, you roll 2d20 and take the higher. Likewise, disadvantage means rolling 2d20 and taking the lower. How does this affect ...
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How do I compare the result of "1d20+x, with advantage" to "1d20+y, without advantage", assuming x < y?

I roll a d20. If I have a choice between d20+x with advantage, or d20+y without advantage, what choice do I make to maximise the result? What are the values of x and y where the choice changes (if it ...
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Is there an accepted likelihood of hitting that is consistent across tiers, and how has it been determined?

One can easily calculate DPR given a specific build (knowing proficiency bonus, ability scores, other relevant factors) and the AC of opponents, leading to spreadsheets with a matrix of customizable ...
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How does the critical hit positive feedback loop affect average damage?

In the One D&D Character Origins UA, it mentions that rolling a nat 20 on an attack roll grants inspiration. This can then be used to give the PC advantage on their next attack, giving them a ...
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Is allowing a player to choose the result on a d20 once per long rest more powerful than features like luck points or portents?

Obviously, allowing a character to critically hit or miss on demand is hugely impactful, but if it's only once a day is it appreciably overpowered compared to other similar features? Aside from the ...
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Most DPR (Damage Per Round) Barbarian Build against Undead

We start playing Curse of Strahd and I am looking for a max DPR (Damage Per Round) Barbarian for the setting. I know there is a nice polearm build but I reckon the weapon should be a bludgeoning one. ...
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Can the Path of the Beast Barbarian match Path of the Zealot for damage?

The premise: Damage comparison between 2 different builds, with no prep, no help, no magic items, only standard equipment and class features. No class features that get expended and can't be used each ...
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Is this Tirnani homebrew race balanced?

In ages past, a vast empire of beast folk ruled the lands after driving destructive elementals from it. In time, they grew corrupt and enslaved a race of druidic fae folk to their service, so they ...
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Would a monster trait-based Kobold race be balanced?

There are playable races for a number of monsters, for example you can play a Bugbear, Duergar, Goblin, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kenku, Kobold, Lizardfolk, or Orc, and Satyr all of which are directly ...
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Which roguish archetype and build will deliver maximum melee damage for a Bugbear rogue?

I'm an old school D&D player returning to the game with a vengeance after an absence of a few years and trying to process all the new races, class features and options that are currently available ...
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A mechanic to resolve multi-stage, multi-participant tasks

Sometimes the party wants to complete a multi-part task where the performance of one of them on one part can help or hinder the performance of another one on a different part. They have a common goal,...
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What is the best ranged weapon for a bard? [closed]

I am making a Aasimar College of Creation Bard and don't really like the Vicious Mockery cantrip very well. It doesn't fit well with the idea I have for it. I need ideas for a ranged weapon that isn't ...
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